Random Stuff 4.25.2011

April 25, 2011
  1. Those who are fond of the sitting president might object to the source of this news, considering it to be biased, but the facts remain. Is there some point at which we can safely assume that these slights are not mere oversights? Or have we maybe even passed that point?
  2. Given Mr. Obama’s apparent affinity for his church in Chicago pastored by Jeremiah Wright, which he attended for so many years, it must be a comfort, after nearly 2-1/2 years in Washington D.C., to find a near perfect replacement so much closer to home.
  3. I am amazed by this video.  The effort to produce the effects using stop action photography and a LITE-BRITE just blows my mind.  Having played with my kid’s LITE BRITE when they were little, I cannot even imagine how long it took to complete this video.  I can watch it over and over again and just marvel.
  4. John MacArthur’s final installment in his 4-part series on Rob Bell and Bell’s book Love Wins is worth reading, particularly is you are one who is inclined to cut Bell some slack with his post-modern style and nuanced approach to Christian theology. Links to MacArthur’s other articles in the series can be found in the right hand column of his web page.
  5. After 2 episodes, I am enjoying the mini-series The Kennedys on Reelz channel.  The producers appear to be presenting an unvarnished look at the way this family grabbed for power and realized it irrespective of the cost or the underhanded (even illegal) tactics involved.  They also pull no punches with respect to the philandering Kennedy men.  It is no wonder that reports have it that Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy fought hard to prevent this mini-series from being aired.

Random Stuff 4.21.2011

April 21, 2011
  1. It’s San Jacinto Day in Texas.  An important day in Texas history marking the final and decisive battle in the Republic’s fight for independence from Mexico in 1836.  And it is a solemn one for Aggies all over the world. “Softly Call the Muster…”
  2. This is an important article.  Anyone really think this imbalance is sustainable?  If actions speak louder than words, it would appear that most democrat elected officials and way too many republicans, do.  I think the facts are on my side when I say “it is not.”
  3. Are you missing Charlie Sheen yet, since he is more or less out of the news?  Me neither.  I would say WE are “winning!”
  4. The media are making much ado about nothing with respect to the “go around” that Michelle Obama’s plane had to make day before yesterday.  If this maneuver had been executed by any other plane with any other passenger, it would not have merited even a mention by the media, EVEN in light of the other inexcusable problems that have rightly received the attention of the press with sleeping air traffic controllers.
  5. Inside Edition, has found Kate Middleton’s 15th cousin once removed living in Connecticut.  Don’t know how either of them (Kate or the cousin) have been able to survive all this time without being aware of one another.  This is such good news.  Wonder if the cousin will get an invitation to the wedding next week, even though the notice is so short.
  6. I have relatively little respect for trial lawyers (aka Ambulance Chasers) and those law firms who bring class action lawsuits against companies with the apparent motive of helping the “little guy” while lining their own pockets with huge percentages of the awards.  It is in this light, that I celebrate with Taco Bell in the news that the law firm that tried to bring a class action suit against them, has withdrawn the suit.  And Taco Bell is getting the last laugh with ads running in some major newspapers.
  7. This disgusts me.  Good on S&P.  Either the Treasury Department officials are liars, or their mental capacity is alarmingly diminished. Get this…they think the national debt of $14.3 trillion dollars is under control.  Right.

Random Stuff 4.20.2011

April 20, 2011
  1. A seldom if ever seen look at what is probably the more realistic Obama. (Watch the video.)  A petulant, thin-skinned, uninformed, catty, bristling, snarky interviewee, who thinks that he is entitled to deliver his message without any challenge whatsoever.  The last few seconds when the interview appears to be over are some of the most telling.  The mainstream media has allowed him to have his way for so long, including the likes of Bill O’Reilly, I guess he just wasn’t prepared for someone who asked real questions and then see through the nuance.  Furthermore, does anyone REALLY believe Obama loves Texas?  Do you really?
  2. For anyone who is a parent now, or hopes to be someday, read this and DON’T forget it.
  3. Universalism is just wishful thinking.  And apparently upwards of 25% of self-defined “born again Christians” are wishful thinkers and not in a remotely helpful or doctrinally sound way.
  4. I guess that I am the only person on earth who is tired of seeing this guy pop up everywhere as if he has something really important to say.  Otherwise it seems like he would not keep popping up.  He  certainly has very little that is funny to say, and that is too bad since I think he is supposed to be a comedian.  
  5. Texas is on fire. Literally.  So much so that we have even made the news in the U.K.
  6. Have reached another of life’s milestones.  Our 1-month old, twin grand babies have come to visit at our house for the first time. Am I really that old?
  7. One of the great things about living out in the county is the wildlife.  For the last 5 years we have peacefully coexisted with a variety of species and we pretty much leave each other alone, apart from a few assaults by the deer on our planted landscape.  That is until about 9 months ago when our yard became too great a temptation for an armadillo.  At first I rationalized that the digging was helping to aerate the lawn.  But realistically, he/she is absolutely destroying the lawn not helping it, I suppose looking for grubs or some other delicacy.  Am anxiously awaiting the UPS delivery of a large Havahart trap this week for his/her capture.  Have not decided yet if this humane means of trapping will lead to a subsequent release many miles from our place, or something else.  When I survey the damage, the “something else” is tempting.

Random Stuff 4.18.2011

April 18, 2011
  1. What seemed like an otherwise important and well established charity to raise funds for breast cancer research has stubbed its toe in a remarkably inept way.  If they hope to survive this inexcusable granting of funds to support the leader in the baby killing industry, the Koman board ought to terminate their CEO, and CFO, repudiate these past indiscretions and pledge to never, ever, associate with such a controversial recipient of their funds.  If they fail to take actions approaching these, it will speak volumes, and should cause any thoughtful person to thoughtfully decline to support Komen’s efforts, no matter how worthy the bulk of their fundraising may be. How inconsistent is it to, on one hand, ostensibly raise money to save lives while out the back door some of the money goes to take the lives of the unborn?  This is an opening for another charity to take on leadership in the important fight against breast cancer.
  2. This is a great flow chart of the events of Holy Week.  When my wife walked by my computer and saw it, she thought it looked like a subway map, and she is right.
  3. I can remember with great clarity, the criticism of George W. Bush for his apparent slow actions in the immediate wake of Katrina.  As I write this, I have seen and heard nothing about our current president offering a statement, in person, in writing or via his mouthpieces, expressing his concern or condolences for the loss of life, and we are now into something like day 4 since the first tornadoes hit Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. But Barry played golf on Sunday.  Always time for golf.  I think we are up to something approaching 70 rounds in the two years he has been in office.  Am I missing the outrage from the mainstream media, or are they asleep on the job like an air traffic controller?
  4. The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be this Friday, April 29th.  But it appears that the fun has already begun.  This one  will no doubt be a bit more lively than the regal, stately one later this week or next or whenever it is.
  5. Wonder if the S&P “negative” outlook for the United States credit rating will nudge the politicians in Washington D.C. to get off their butts and make some constructive moves to fix the deficit problem.  I have my doubts, when the Treasury Secretary says that we need to increase the debt limit in order to fix the deficit.  Let me get this straight.  We need to deepen the hole so we can close the hole?  Either these people are hopelessly stupid, or they are devious, manipulative liars, hellbent on destroying our economy.
  6. Charles Manson’s new concern is global warming. He and AlGore make a great pair and credible spokespersons for this imaginary issue.  At least Charles Manson has the excuse of being mentally ill.
  7. Today is Tax Day.  Apart from the portion of your taxes that go to pay for our Armed Forces, are you pleased with where your money is spent?  Me neither.

MacArthur Wrings Bell

April 15, 2011

John MacArthur has begun a series focused on the theology of Rob Bell.  This article is the first in the series.  You can find subsequent installments at the right side of the MacArthur article under “Recent Posts”.  It appears that each will begin with “Rob Bell” in the title and the most recent will be closest to the top of the list.

True to MacArthur’s usual form, he pulls no punches in his fact and (importantly) scripturally supported arguments against Bell’s brand of liberal theology.

Random Stuff 4.14.2011

April 14, 2011
  1. I actually love it that it took 3-Apple Techs about two and a half hours, to figure out how to fix the problem caused by installing the latest iOS update resulting in the total crash of my iPhone.  The usual, “textbook” means of reviving the phone were not successful.  They were stumped.  Apple products are not quite as invincible as the Kool-aid drinkers think they are.  At least PC based products are humble enough to admit they are messed up. Not so for Apple.
  2. That said, every one of the Apple Techs were located in the continental United States and spoke English as their first language, which is more than I can say for all but one other electronics/computing companies I have occasion to deal with.  Thank you for that, Apple.  P.S. One of those techs admitted to me that he is a PC user at home.  Booyah.
  3. Republicans are stunningly bad at playing the political game.  Look no further than the most recent $38 billion dollar “deal” they struck with the demoncrats.  They seem like rank amateurs playing with a bunch of skilled professionals.  If they don’t wise up quickly and play tough, they will become extinct, as will our great republic.
  4. I admit that I have been sleepy at work, and have even nodded off for just a second during some particularly dull meetings.  However, I never had planes full of people, counting on me to stay awake while I was performing my job.
  5. Speaking of sleepy, Joe Biden is clearly jazzed while on the job by the President’s plan for the federal budget.  If he were almost anyone else, working for almost anyone else, I might almost feel badly for him.
  6. “Vote for the Worst dot com” -> FAIL.  They had been listing American Idol contestant Paul McDonald as their “pick.”  And he got voted off the island tonight.

Terry Jones is morally responsible for death of U.N workers.

April 8, 2011

This article is an excellent (although longish) read that convincingly holds Terry Jones (the imbecilic pastor from Florida, who burned a Koran that resulted in the death of several United Nations workers in Afghanistan) morally responsible for his actions.  It offers some outstanding things to consider about the absurd and deadly decision that Jones made.