Heartburn for Pro-Choice-ers

August 20, 2011

I have to admit that I get a certain satisfaction out of the intellectual tension and emotional conflict that even hardcore pro-abortionists are experiencing over the procedure known as “reduction.”  Before you read the article, a “reduction” is the practice of aborting all but one baby in a pregnancy involving twins or triplets, or quads or what ever the number.  I find it interesting that the pro-abort types have come face-to-face with a crisis of conscience in these situations.  It is the same conscience that makes the rest of our hearts break when a heart stop beating in the butcheries known as “women’s clinics.” 

The whole article is excellent.  But here are a couple of lines, among many, that punctuate the article.

But the main problem with reduction is that it breaches a wall at the center of pro-choice psychology. It exposes the equality between the offspring we raise and the offspring we abort.

Or, try this one on for size:

But in the case of reduction, the child for whom you’re reserving attention and resources is equally unborn. She is, and will always be, a living reminder of what you exterminated.

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HT: A la Carte