Overheard #4

February 26, 2008

With her campaign on the ropes and pollsters giving Barack Obama nearly an 80% chance of winning the democrat nomination, leave a comment as to what might have been overheard in this conversation between Hillary and Bill.



Overheard #3

February 19, 2008

John McCain tells us (ad nauseum) that he is a TRUE conservative.  He also is quick to remind that “he is proud to have been a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution.”

Imagine a conversation between these two if it were to happen today.  Leave a comment and tell us what would be overheard.


Photo source:  Drudge

Overheard #2

February 12, 2008

After the LA Times/CNN/Politico democrat debate held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on January 31, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “shared a moment” and a hug.

Leave a comment and tell us what was overheard in the brief conversation between these two.


Photo Source:  Drudge 

Overheard #1

February 5, 2008

Leave a comment to tell us what Ted Kennedy was overheard telling Barack Obama.