Random Stuff 4.14.2011

  1. I actually love it that it took 3-Apple Techs about two and a half hours, to figure out how to fix the problem caused by installing the latest iOS update resulting in the total crash of my iPhone.  The usual, “textbook” means of reviving the phone were not successful.  They were stumped.  Apple products are not quite as invincible as the Kool-aid drinkers think they are.  At least PC based products are humble enough to admit they are messed up. Not so for Apple.
  2. That said, every one of the Apple Techs were located in the continental United States and spoke English as their first language, which is more than I can say for all but one other electronics/computing companies I have occasion to deal with.  Thank you for that, Apple.  P.S. One of those techs admitted to me that he is a PC user at home.  Booyah.
  3. Republicans are stunningly bad at playing the political game.  Look no further than the most recent $38 billion dollar “deal” they struck with the demoncrats.  They seem like rank amateurs playing with a bunch of skilled professionals.  If they don’t wise up quickly and play tough, they will become extinct, as will our great republic.
  4. I admit that I have been sleepy at work, and have even nodded off for just a second during some particularly dull meetings.  However, I never had planes full of people, counting on me to stay awake while I was performing my job.
  5. Speaking of sleepy, Joe Biden is clearly jazzed while on the job by the President’s plan for the federal budget.  If he were almost anyone else, working for almost anyone else, I might almost feel badly for him.
  6. “Vote for the Worst dot com” -> FAIL.  They had been listing American Idol contestant Paul McDonald as their “pick.”  And he got voted off the island tonight.

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