Random Stuff 4.18.2011

April 18, 2011
  1. What seemed like an otherwise important and well established charity to raise funds for breast cancer research has stubbed its toe in a remarkably inept way.  If they hope to survive this inexcusable granting of funds to support the leader in the baby killing industry, the Koman board ought to terminate their CEO, and CFO, repudiate these past indiscretions and pledge to never, ever, associate with such a controversial recipient of their funds.  If they fail to take actions approaching these, it will speak volumes, and should cause any thoughtful person to thoughtfully decline to support Komen’s efforts, no matter how worthy the bulk of their fundraising may be. How inconsistent is it to, on one hand, ostensibly raise money to save lives while out the back door some of the money goes to take the lives of the unborn?  This is an opening for another charity to take on leadership in the important fight against breast cancer.
  2. This is a great flow chart of the events of Holy Week.  When my wife walked by my computer and saw it, she thought it looked like a subway map, and she is right.
  3. I can remember with great clarity, the criticism of George W. Bush for his apparent slow actions in the immediate wake of Katrina.  As I write this, I have seen and heard nothing about our current president offering a statement, in person, in writing or via his mouthpieces, expressing his concern or condolences for the loss of life, and we are now into something like day 4 since the first tornadoes hit Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. But Barry played golf on Sunday.  Always time for golf.  I think we are up to something approaching 70 rounds in the two years he has been in office.  Am I missing the outrage from the mainstream media, or are they asleep on the job like an air traffic controller?
  4. The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be this Friday, April 29th.  But it appears that the fun has already begun.  This one  will no doubt be a bit more lively than the regal, stately one later this week or next or whenever it is.
  5. Wonder if the S&P “negative” outlook for the United States credit rating will nudge the politicians in Washington D.C. to get off their butts and make some constructive moves to fix the deficit problem.  I have my doubts, when the Treasury Secretary says that we need to increase the debt limit in order to fix the deficit.  Let me get this straight.  We need to deepen the hole so we can close the hole?  Either these people are hopelessly stupid, or they are devious, manipulative liars, hellbent on destroying our economy.
  6. Charles Manson’s new concern is global warming. He and AlGore make a great pair and credible spokespersons for this imaginary issue.  At least Charles Manson has the excuse of being mentally ill.
  7. Today is Tax Day.  Apart from the portion of your taxes that go to pay for our Armed Forces, are you pleased with where your money is spent?  Me neither.

An Earth Day Confession

April 24, 2009

melting-glacierYesterday, I posted an article, wherein I discussed all the things I did NOT do on Earth Day.  As I noted, all of these were evidence of my attempt to “tread lightly” on our planet. 

While I stand by each and every one of those examples, I have simply been wracked with guilt at how prideful those claims were.  While they were all true, I confess that I DID do some things that Al Gore, and others, would say will serve to shorten the lifespan of our dear planet Earth

Scripture tells us to confess our sins to one another (James 5: 16), so I hope that this medium will serve that purpose.  Here goes.  On Earth Day, I did the following:

  • I had to attend a meeting that was held about 50 miles from where I live.  I decided that participating via conference call was really not practical since it was a lunch meeting.  Maybe someone in the future will figure out how to do a telecommuting lunch, but for now, it seems like it won’t work.  I know that this will sound like I am making excuses, but I live in the country, so there is no public transportation.  And truthfully, I really never gave much thought to either walking or bicycling the 100 miles round-trip.  (I know, selfish.)  So, I concluded that driving was my best, (I know it was not a good one, but it was the best) option.  If it is any consolation, I did take my wife’s hybrid automobile instead of my gigantic environment destroying pick-up truck.
  • During the afternoon of Earth Day, I began to sense that sometime before the end of the day, my wife and I would get hungry.  You know where this is going, so I’ll just get right to the point.  I prepared a meal that required, sorry, the use of energy.  The meal that I prepared included ingredients that people generally regard as not healthy when eaten raw, so I cooked them, using both, (I feel terrible about this) propane gas and electricity.
  • On Wednesday evening, I’m going to guess it was around 8:30 or so, it got dark.  In fact, it was dark enough that we really could not see very well without the use of (yikes) electric lights.  So, I turned a few on.  Okay, maybe it was more than a few.  But I promise, our house could probably not be seen from outer space like the Las Vegas Strip or anything.  Besides, I was finding that reading in the dark was really not very productive, but I am willing to learn how this can be accomplished if anyone knows a trick that might help.
  • Perhaps this one is THE most scandalous.  I turned on the television because I HAD to find out who the two contestants were that were eliminated from American Idol.  In the event you were more respectful of The Earth and did not have your television turned on, those eliminated were Lil and Anoop.
  • Finally (okay there are probably more offenses, but this will be all for now) of all the days this week, I thoughtlessly, no, I’ll correct that and say it was done with a callous indifference, I picked Earth Day to re-charge my cell phone.  It was low on charge, and without even a second thought, I plugged it in.  I know you will be relieved that I unplugged the charger when it was not in use because I hear that the polar ice caps are melting because people leave their chargers plugged in when not in use.  If this shameful practice describes YOU, repent and unplug!  For the record, because I DO unplug, I did NOT cause what is seen in that picture above.  So there!

Global (sort of) Warming

December 2, 2008

Last week, Politico had a brief but interesting article highlighting “The Gore Effect.”  Perhaps embarrassing happenings like this are among the reasons why Gore’s disciples are using the term “Climate Change,” rather than Global Warming.

Tell me again how we’re responsible?

October 23, 2008

The subject of global warming (or climate change as its fear mongering proponents now call it since temperatures are so stubbornly unwilling to consistently rise) is a divisive subject.  It has become terribly politicized.  It is a cause celebre for the political left.  And global warming’s chief proponents are so off-putting to people who are even slightly to their right politically, that we have a difficult time hearing anything they say.  My case in point…AlGore, literally screams about global warming on many occasions, and I simply can’t hear him.

A meteorologist from a local television station mentioned this week that there had been a reduction in sunspots over the last couple of years, which he said may account for why there has been a “growing” of ice in the arctic and antarctic regions of the world.  I did some checking on this and guess what, he’s right.  Here are some charts that show historical incidence of sunspots.  Click on the graph to enlarge.  [Source:  N.A.S.A.]

Then, I found this chart that supports the idea that variations in solar radiation (read sunspots) affects global temperatures.  More sunspots/radiation, warmer temps, and vice versa.  But they also suggest that volcanic activity or lack thereof, is also a contributor to variations in global temperatures.  Click on the graph to enlarge.  [Source: Harris-Mann Climatology]

I think this is interesting stuff.

But wait!  I thought that global warming was caused by man?  That’s what we’ve been told.  Isn’t it our dependence on fossil fuels for extravagances like modern transportation and energy to produce goods.  I thought man was destroying the planet with his carelessness, inflexibility and indifference.  After all, it must surely have been all the automobile emissions and and smoke from factories that were the cause of the spike in temperatures back in 1100 B.C.  And the reputation for utter ruthlessness of the Vikings back in 1300 A.D. is well deserved considering the carbon footprint they left behind with all of their internal combustion engines.

This changes everything.  When temperature fluctuations boil down to matters that seem slightly beyond our control like the sun and geothermal and seismic activity, what are we to make of the doom saying of the left-leaning political elitists and Hollywood intellectuals?

Like a broken clock that tells the correct time twice a day, climate activists are right from time-to-time if you limit the discussion to temperatures alone.  To the extent that we find ourselves in one of those periods where sunspots are active and we have few or no volcanoes, they can correctly point to an increase in global temperatures.  And the good news for their credibility is, if they can time it just right, they can jump on the global cooling bandwagon because that period will also come.  Then rather than worrying about rolling up our pant legs in the heartland due to rising sea levels caused by the melting of arctic ice, they can convince us to begin wringing our hands that all the water on the planet will be caught up in ice, and ports like Houston and San Francisco will be miles from the ocean, as sealevels decrease. 

The problem for the global warming fanatics is that they are jousting with the wrong windmill.  I believe the term is quixotic.  Sure, mankind can and should do things to protect and preserve our environment.  I support well conceived and thoughtful initiatives that can make a real difference.  And I agree we should reduce our consumtion of oil, and especially our dependence on foriegn sources.  But as I have said elsewhere at this blog, these are for ecomonic and national security reasons. 

Sancho, tell them to saddle up and find a new cause.

Schadenfreude #2

March 7, 2008

I have never been a fan of Al Gore.  Certainly his loony politics are an issue for me, but beside that, he has always seemed wooden, smarmy and condescending.  Furthermore, that he claims to have created the Internet and was in part the inspiration for the 1970’s book Love Story, makes him seem somehow delusional, or at least bordering on it.  If he is overstating, or outright fabricating, on these and other matters, shame on him.  If he really believes these things…

Al Gore’s belief in Global Warming leaves me suspicious of any of the talking points he and his crowd have on the subject.  And I am unwilling to let him off the hook for the notion that WARMING is the issue, even as he and his pals try to change the conversation to “climate change.”  I have no doubt that climates change, and believe the historical data prove it.  What I am unconvinced of is that mankind is responsible for the extent of the cyclical rise in temperatures that occasions the earth from time to time.  How does one explain those rises in temperature through history when back then, so many fewer human beings inhabited the earth?  Or was it because there were that many more cows passing gas back then?

I admit that I relish the schadenfreude for old Al when reality flies in the face of his alarmist positions.  In spite of his accusations of global warming, North America is enduring one of those winters that is producing RECORD snowfall amounts through vast areas of the US and Canada.  By now, I would have assumed that certain coastal areas would be at least ankle deep in sea water from melted polar ice caps instead of huge areas of the northern plains and the northeast being shoulder deep in snow.

Persons who seem much more credible on the subject of weather dispute the idea of global warming.  This from Fox News’ website on March 4, 2008:

Weather Channel founder John Coleman is calling global warming a fraud and says the station he founded needs to stop telling people what to think about climate change. The Business and Media Institute reports Coleman was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Climate Change Conference in New York. Coleman was referencing what some call the Weather Channel’s global warming alarmism.

One of its meteorologists suggested two years ago that weathercasters who have doubts about global warming should lose their certification.  Coleman advocates suing people who sell carbon credits — including Al Gore — because the attention in the courts could, in his words, “put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

And this video from the Heartland Institute:

So, polish the Oscar, count your million dollar Nobel Prize award and put another log on the fire, Al.  Its cold outside!  Oh, by the way, I love your rendition of Summer Lovin’.