He is glorious! The heavens declare it.

February 27, 2009

Further to my post of earlier today, here are a couple of photos of the “happenings in the sky,” the Moon and Venus.




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A Psalm 19: 1-4 Alert

February 27, 2009

See this short article from NASA, and take some time this afternoon and at dusk to examine the sky for what they report will be visible today.

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Nationalized banks. That’s nothing. How about nationalized prayer?

February 27, 2009

Back around the time of the inauguration of President Barry Obama, I posted a couple of videos, one showing the prayer offered at the first inaugural celebration event, by the unrepentant and actively homosexual Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, and then one showing the opening prayer that was offered by Rick Warren at the actual swearing in.  It was and is my opinion that the Robinson invocation, in all its weirdness, was a peace offering to the GLBTQ lobby, who were so outraged over the early-on selection of Warren to have the larger stage event, given his support of California’s Proposition 8 that defined marriage as between one man and one woman.

Well, it seems the posturing around prayer has much deeper roots than one might have speculated simply based on the selection of the inauguration week pray-ers.  Now it seems that any and all prayers offered at events “starring” Barry must be vetted by the White House before their delivery.  Read about it at U.S. News and World Report and at Al Mohler’s commentary

This matter is significant when you have the president of a Christian seminary finding a basis for agreement with a notorious atheist who seeks generally to rid our nation of any references to religion, and especially Christianity.

With each day that goes by, I am actually more optimistic about the 2010 and 2012 elections.  I am given to believe that Barry might actually be a one term president!

The times have really changed!

February 26, 2009

After almost 25 years of working at the headquarters of three different corporations, I left my last job working for someone else in 2000.  During some of those 25 years, computers were those monstrous machines that resided in large highly air conditioned dungeons, secured with locked doors and managed by people who spoke a language that used mostly English words, but which were strung together in unintelligible sentences.

Somewhere along the line, desktop and laptop computers and all of the productivity they offer became mainstream.  At first, only “special people” rated their personal and individual use.  But before long, there was probably something wrong with you, if you did NOT have one.

At any rate, after computers became pretty much standard office equipment, I can well remember when investing “company time” sending personal emails, or checking a sport score, or the weather back where the folks live, was considered a real fundamental breach of trust between an employee and his/her employer.

Well, it seems the times have really changed.  And I confess, those changes have been realized to a degree that I had no idea existed.  I’ll concede that I am perhaps a little naive, but wow!  I mean…WOW!  The statistics around this matter are mind-blowing! 

Read this Washington Times editorial about one of the latest moral lapses existing in American business and then Al Mohler’s commentary on it.  Both are excellent reads and I suspect you will be surprised at what you learn. 

As I struggle with the possibility that the current economic situation may require that I go back to work in a corporate environment, I shudder to think that this sort of moral corruption awaits.

This sounds about right.

February 18, 2009

A recent Ellison Research study found that 22% of respondent prefer one brand of toothpaste and use it only.  Similarly, 19% prefer one brand of toilet paper, and use over all other brands.  16% of respondents said they prefer one religious denomination over all others, and “use” it exclusively.  Conclusion…surveyed people have a stronger preference for what they use to clean their mouths and their bottoms, than for the institutions that serve to teach about the salvation of their souls.

But this sounds about right to me.  I have contended for some time, including in couple of articles at this site, that the last 25 or so years have brought with them the diminishing of religious denominations and the flourishing of faithful individual congregations.  Some of these congregations, might “network” with other like-minded groups of believers, but those networks sometimes include congregations that bear a different “brand” on the sign outside their places of worship.  Religious liberalism has brought with it the presumably unintended consequence of the destruction of the overarching institutions which their leaders represent and the elevation of the local body of believers, even among so-called connectional denominations.  I am convinced from personal experience and observation that the parent churches among the Presbyterians (USA), the United Methodists, the Episcopal Church (USA) among others, are nearly rotten to the core. 

Yet, there remain faithful individual congregations among them that still are unwavering in their belief in such essential “first order” theological matters as the authority and accuracy of scripture (particularly as it relates to the subject of qualifications for the office of elder in a church, and the clear teaching of the Bible on such matters as sexual immorality, both homosexual and heterosexual),  the sufficiency and exclusivity of Christ’s atonement for sin, the Trinity, and the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ. 

It is the apparent uncertainty, or dismissal of these core doctrines that have resulted in the irrelevancy of denominations, while adherence to them has caused individual collections of faithful believers at the local congregational level to thrive.

It seems to beg the question…”Do the facts not speak for themselves and are the metrics of membership loss and indeed even entire congregational loss not obvious to everyone, particularly the people who sit in the seats of authority among these old and dying institutions of faith?”  It seems so plainly obvious, that it speaks not so much to ignorance, but perhaps more to a sordid sort of defiance.

Sperately, but not unrelated, check out this link and be sure to look at both the “Breakdown of Religious Belief” and the “Topography of Faith”.  The map is almost too cool.  Roll your mouse over the map of the US and look at the stats to the right.

He’s a what?

February 17, 2009

Check out this video from CNN aired on February 16, 2009.

One can only imagine what Bill Clinton was intending to mean when he made this claim.  The theological label he assigns to himself is so odd, particularly in light of the way in which he qualifies it, that I am left scratching my head wondering what he was intending to say about himself.

On a theological basis alone, Calvinism and “works” are essentially polar opposites.  So to assert that he has to work because he is a Calvinist, strains any sort of comparison. 

If however, he is clumsily trying to make some claim of a “Puritanical work ethic”, I struggle to square the reality of  the high moral standards of the Puritans with the ethical lapses and moral failures that accompany Bill Clinton.

What is he getting at?  Any ideas what this man means when he says he is a Calvinist?

HT: Sandra Dabney

Darwin vindicated?

February 12, 2009

Today, February 12, 2009 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin the father of the Theory of Evolution and the author of On the Origin of Species.  His theory, presented as fact, and taught virtually everywhere outside of strictly Christian education settings, rejects out-of-hand, God’s role in creation as clearly revealed in the Bible.  He is certainly no hero of mine.

But perhaps I have been too hasty in my judgment of him.  Based on this evidence, is it possible he should be vindicated?  Is evolution true?

I mean, was THIS going on before Michael Flatley?

Those guys are good!  But look at what it has evolved into.  Clothes and even shoes!

And then, there is this, where it appears that the female of the species has been allowed to come out of the trees, or exit the cave, in order to perform.