Why limit it to the third trimester?

September 16, 2011

Last month I wrote an article about the ethical dilemma that the pro-baby killing folks are wrestling with regarding a practice known as “reduction.”  These are procedures performed in pregnancies that involve multiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.). Through selective abortion, one or more babies are killed, until the desired number remains, usually just one.  “Reduction.”  What a nice impersonal, unemotional sort of word.  But the nice word can only go so far in disguising what is going on in these procedures and they are causing all sorts of hand-wringing and heart burn among even the most ardent supporters of killing unborn babies.

Now, the legalized “killing of babies,” has taken on a new and even more comprehensive and precise meaning.  A Canadian appeals court has ruled that a mother who strangled her infant (that is, already born) son and threw his dead body over her fence into a neighbor’s yard, cannot be charged with any crime, or at least not one related to the killing of the child.  Re-read that if you like, but you probably read it correctly the first time.  A mother killed her already-born-son, and is guilty of no crime.  And get this…the judge’s logic in de-criminalizing what would otherwise be regarded as infanticide, relied on Canada’s abortion statutes that allow for killing of babies through the third trimester of pregnancy.  It appears that the good news for those who were not able to come to the decision to kill their child en utero, can now do so after he or she has been delivered.  I guess that the only remaining question, not yet adjudicated by the courts in Canada is exactly how long a mother has to exercise this frightening new privilege. 

Al Mohler has a sober and thoughtful article on this subject that is well worth the time to read.


Heartburn for Pro-Choice-ers

August 20, 2011

I have to admit that I get a certain satisfaction out of the intellectual tension and emotional conflict that even hardcore pro-abortionists are experiencing over the procedure known as “reduction.”  Before you read the article, a “reduction” is the practice of aborting all but one baby in a pregnancy involving twins or triplets, or quads or what ever the number.  I find it interesting that the pro-abort types have come face-to-face with a crisis of conscience in these situations.  It is the same conscience that makes the rest of our hearts break when a heart stop beating in the butcheries known as “women’s clinics.” 

The whole article is excellent.  But here are a couple of lines, among many, that punctuate the article.

But the main problem with reduction is that it breaches a wall at the center of pro-choice psychology. It exposes the equality between the offspring we raise and the offspring we abort.

Or, try this one on for size:

But in the case of reduction, the child for whom you’re reserving attention and resources is equally unborn. She is, and will always be, a living reminder of what you exterminated.

Click HERE for the article.

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Tiger’s sort of “mea culpa”.

February 18, 2010

mea culpa:  the Latin phrase that translates into English as “my fault”.

Tomorrow, Eldrick Tont Woods (aka Tiger) will hold some sort of highly controlled press “experience,” wherein some carefully selected and friendly reporters will be given the opportunity to inquire into this highly damaged image as a result of the infidelity exposed after his Thanksgiving evening automobile accident.  Of course no one outside his inner circle, knows exactly what will transpire on Friday.  But that said, I am willing to take a stab at what will happen, and then stand to be corrected.

My hunch is that Tiger will, in a very carefully crafted statement, acknowledge the serial infidelity that grabbed headlines for several weeks last Fall.  This will be the lead story on Entertainment Tonight and other shows of its ilk.  But needless to say, this is not news.   He will also offer an apology for disappointing and hurting his family, his friends, his fellow golfers and the PGA.  He will also offer an apology to his sponsors and express gratitude to those who have stayed with him throughout this ordeal.  What will probably be unspoken, but present nonetheless is a backhanded slap at the sponsors who wisely dumped Woods during the course of the daily revelations that he had not one affair, or two affairs,…but 12 or 14, or whatever the “final” number was.  And these women represent only those who cared to endure the public spotlight.  Frankly, I would be shocked if there are not other women who wisely decided that a sexual relationship with a married man was shameful enough, and public “recognition” for that indiscretion was a bit more than they could handle.  But I digress.  

I predict that Woods will also offer what he hopes will be a palatable explanation for why he swerved off into his narcissistic and destructive pattern of spousal betrayal.  But here is where he will fail.  Because, while he will claim “complete, personal responsibility” for his misconduct, it will he qualified by his revealing that he has been clinically diagnosed with some sort of sexual addiction disorder, and it is so severe that he has sought professional help and is being treated for it.  And like other addictive behavior, he will struggle with this for the rest of his life.  In other words, he will not REALLY take responsibility for this misconduct.  Because afterall, he is sick and it is beyond his control.  All he can really be held accountable for is a continuing effort to seek treatment.

I predict that Tiger Woods will also claim to have found some new level of spirituality as a result of this matter, but he will come short of confessing his fallen nature and that the real sickness is suffers from is the sin that permeates every cell in his body.  He will not acknowledge that the only cure for this is an intervention by God Himself in Jesus Christ.  

At the end of the spectacle tomorrow, what everyone will be left with is the implicit statement by Tiger Woods that goes something like this:  “This whole matter was my fault…sort of.”

Update:  Saturday, February 20, 2010 ( the day after the Wood’s event).  I stand corrected.  There was NO ONE from the press, friendly or otherwise, in the audience at this public apology event.  Aside from that, there’s not much in my prophesy that needs to be amended.  Woods did add a few unexpected things.  Specifically, Woods declared that his wife Elin had no reason to be blamed for anything related to Woods’ fall.  Excuse me?  I was not aware that there had been a lot of blame cast in  her direction.  But, I suppose it was kind of him to offer this unnecessary clarification.

Looking for New Year’s Resolutions? You might find some here.

January 1, 2010

Kevin DeYoung is one of my favorite new authors and blog writers.  He has prepared a list of 10 questions for 2010 that his accountability partners have been challenged to ask him as he progresses through this new year.  While written from a pastor’s perspective, all but number 9 in his list would be equally applicable to the layperson.

Surprising? Or not so much?

October 25, 2009

I acknowledge the inherent risks in being a man and posting a link to this article, as it might leave the impression that I do so out of some satisfaction from its conclusions.  As the husband of a wife, father of a daughter and hopefully someday the father-in-law to a daughter-in-law, that is not the case at all.  Instead, I found it contained some refreshingly honest criticisms of “feminism” from inside its camp by some of its members and spokespersons…(I used that word as I assume “spokeswomen” might be taken with offense in our age of gender neutrality, thanks in part to feminism.)

The link above is to an interesting article by Albert Mohler that reflects on several newspaper and magazine essays and a book about feminism.  On one hand, I am surprised by what has been revealed in these finding, and then again, I’m not.  Having worked for many years in the corporate world, with many women professionals, the downsides to the women’s revolution were played out right before my eyes. 

This whole matter can be filed in the “you need to be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it, and then some” category.

Excellent advice!

September 24, 2009

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Adios Halle

April 9, 2009

halle-4-9-2009That dreaded “date-to-be-determined” we had been anticipating since we received the preliminary diagnosis in late January and confirmed in early February, finally arrived today.  Actually, we decided last night, but the moment of truth was this afternoon.  It was finally time to say adios to our (my?) sweet black Labrador retriever Halle, aka “the perfect dog,” so named, not by me, but others in our family who knew her.

We were able to celebrate life, with her, one last time this afternoon, doing the thing she probably loved more than anything…swimming.  We went to the Medina River at Deer Creek Camp, one of her favorite places on earth, and a place where she spent a lot of time both as a puppy and as a young dog during summer camps. 

halle-swimming-4-9-2009When we arrived there today, she trotted right into the water and swam about without any real place to go, just enjoying the experience.  Lacking the kind of vitality that characterized her nature before her cancer, she was only willing to retrieve a stick twice before she decided she had has enough.  This same level of exhaustion had been evident in playing ball for the last several weeks, helping us to know that the time had come.

A sad day to be sure, but we met the inevitable with a mix of sadness in loss with a joy at having had her in our lives for 8 years and 4 months.  And a hope that we will be reunited with Halle in the life to come.  So, in saying “adios” we not only said good-bye, but we also uttered the prayer implied by the parts of the word “a dios,” literally, TO GOD! 

We gave Halle back to God today, with the hope that Jesus will take care of her until we see her again.