Random Stuff 4.25.2011

  1. Those who are fond of the sitting president might object to the source of this news, considering it to be biased, but the facts remain. Is there some point at which we can safely assume that these slights are not mere oversights? Or have we maybe even passed that point?
  2. Given Mr. Obama’s apparent affinity for his church in Chicago pastored by Jeremiah Wright, which he attended for so many years, it must be a comfort, after nearly 2-1/2 years in Washington D.C., to find a near perfect replacement so much closer to home.
  3. I am amazed by this video.  The effort to produce the effects using stop action photography and a LITE-BRITE just blows my mind.  Having played with my kid’s LITE BRITE when they were little, I cannot even imagine how long it took to complete this video.  I can watch it over and over again and just marvel.
  4. John MacArthur’s final installment in his 4-part series on Rob Bell and Bell’s book Love Wins is worth reading, particularly is you are one who is inclined to cut Bell some slack with his post-modern style and nuanced approach to Christian theology. Links to MacArthur’s other articles in the series can be found in the right hand column of his web page.
  5. After 2 episodes, I am enjoying the mini-series The Kennedys on Reelz channel.  The producers appear to be presenting an unvarnished look at the way this family grabbed for power and realized it irrespective of the cost or the underhanded (even illegal) tactics involved.  They also pull no punches with respect to the philandering Kennedy men.  It is no wonder that reports have it that Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy fought hard to prevent this mini-series from being aired.

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