Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

July 4, 2010

The original “Too Late to Apologize” by Timbaland…

And one that has some 4th of July awesomeness…


Sur(ly) Paul McCartney

June 5, 2010

What a classless, ill-informed comment about a former head of state, from a man who was knighted by his Queen under an Order of Chivalry.  There was nothing chivalrous about the comment, nor was it even remotely intelligent with respect to the facts.

First off, what a senseless remark given the context in which it was made.  Secondly, while it would only be a guess on my part, I would hazard it nonetheless by saying that former President Bush is at least as well read as McCartney.  Likely, moreso.  And irrespective of that, Bush is apparently better read than the current President who McCartney defends against criticism. 

Finally, and perhaps most ironic, Sir Paul has obviously bought into the now outdated talking point about “the last eight years”.  Because “the last eight years” now includes a year and a half of the less than truly impressive current administration, for whom Sir Paul presumably has all sorts of admiration. 

But all that said, there can be little doubt, since he proves it on virtually a daily basis, that BHO is indeed quite a reader, even if it is not books that he reads.  In fact, it seems that almost no one reads more this way, than BHO. 

Couldn’t get it off of my mind!

March 3, 2010

Last night (that would be the evening of March 1, 2010) as I checked my Facebook News Feed, I was amazed that the common subject that kept receiving the attention of my Facebook friends or more accurately, one gender of my Facebook friends.  And while I did not check my feed until around 10:00 pm, I scrolled back and found that those comments really started sometime after 8:00 pm.  I went to bed last night pondering both the sheer quantity and also the nature and content of those Facebook  posts.  It was gnawing at me.  And I know exactly why that is, and so would my Facebook friends. 

I always know that a matter is stuck in my mind when one of my first thoughts the next morning deals with the same subject that drifted from consciousness a few hours earlier.  The difference between my reaction this morning and last night is that I am far less irritated, and far more philosophical about the whole subject.  And that more cerebral  response has led me to dwell on a question.  It is not a question that I would necessarily pose to any of my Facebook friends who were so immersed in the matter last night, but instead, one that I ask myself and wonder what I can do with the answer.

That question is…”What do the Pursuit of Holiness and watching The Bachelor, have in common?”

I suppose the quick answer would be “nothing.”  On many levels, they would seem to be almost polar opposites from one another.  One is rooted in a healthy distrust of ourselves, based on an awareness of our depravity, combined with a deliberate self-denial of the chasing after of our persistent sinful affections.  These are combined with the grace saturated promise of a perfect eternity and an ongoing personal striving for righteousness that is evidenced by an upward trajectory in our personal conduct brought about by the process of God’s sanctification of His people. 

The other, well, it appeals to the flesh, and it hijacks the imagination and emotions taking them to depraved and immoral places that we would never willingly allow ourselves to be taken physically.  Yet week in and week out, television audiences are led astray by one of the most UNreal, reality shows currently in production.  I dare say that I do not know anyone who would willingly submit themselves to the baseness, indignity, and humiliation that  permeates every aspect of the show.

But not so fast.  It would be too easy to say there is nothing in common.  Because there is something that the Pursuit of Holiness and watching The Bachelor have in common.  Or maybe more accurately, it is not “something”, but instead, “SOMEONE”.  It is every person (male or female) who claims to be both a Christ-follower and a viewer of this show.

So, now what?  The only answer that I know, and in which I have perfect confidence is this.  Further and emphatic proclamation of the gospel.  For the gospel of Christ is both the means by which God draws His elect to Himself , and the particular revelation of God that trains us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in the present age.

Now, it’s late, and time for the old man  to go to bed.  Without this one on my mind.

CBS News shows its true (liberal) colors tonight on 60 Minutes

January 10, 2010

As advertised, CBS News 60 Minutes tonight dedicated one of its quarter hour segments to the forthcoming book, Game Change, due out this week.  I mentioned this book in my post yesterday.  The book deals with a variety of investigative “revelations” that have come out since the 2008 Presidential elections, some of which border on scandalous.  The authors dealt with matters related to both the Republicans and Democrats in their book.

However, the bulk of the 60 Minutes interview with the book’s authors covered the discord between Sarah Palin and John McCain and the McCain campaign staff.  While there may have been some fine points that amounted to being fresh news, the vast majority has been revealed elsewhere, in some cases by Palin herself.  Not surprisingly, CBS’ selection of this material is consistent with their apparent belief that Palin was an unqualified candidate for Vice-President. 

In spite of the overarching conclusion of this post, in fairness it should be noted that 60 Minutes did dedicate a few of their “minutes” to the book’s coverage of the behind the scenes discussions between Obama and Clinton, leading to her decision to accept his offer to be Secretary of State, after having initially declined.  The frank discussions between Obama and Clinton centered on private admissions by Clinton that her husband, Bill is “a problem” (that was the exact term used).  Apparently Obama agreed with Clinton in her assessment, but they collectively decided to make her nomination for Secretary of State work.

But perhaps the most disturbingly hypocritical and problematic revelation from the book (that being the racially electrified remarks that Harry Reid made about then-candidate Obama which were discussed at this site yesterday), received not a single mention.

Anyone surprised?

Totally random.

January 7, 2010

If you need about 120 seconds of diversion, click HERE and check it out.  Once at the site click on “PLAY” and watch the show.

HT:  my Dad

You tell’em, Brit. But,…it doesn’t work exactly like you make it sound.

January 6, 2010

I have always liked Brit Hume.  His professionalism, intelligence, and on-camera style were always an attraction.  One of my favorite news programs on television was Special Report on the Fox News Channel.  I was sorry to see him retire, but he still makes frequent appearances on Fox and for that I am grateful.

But now, people of the Christian faith have even more for which to be appreciative of Brit Hume.  And that is his outspoken recommendation that Tiger Woods seek redemption from his recently disclosed moral failures through faith in Jesus Christ.  Here’s a video of Hume’s recommendation and defense of it.  Good on you, Brit.

While Brit Hume is correct about Tiger’s only real hope, my take-away from his comments is that he makes it sound as if the “selection” of Christianity over Buddhism, is akin to choosing to join one “club” over another.  The initiation of any such relationship between Woods and Jesus Christ rests not with Woods, but with God, Himself.  John 6: 44 testifies to this when Jesus said “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”   This makes clear that we are not the initiators of a relationship with Jesus Christ, rather God the Father is the agent of any attraction to His son.  Furthermore, God alone is the agent of the salvation itself that comes by grace through faith.  (see Eph. 2: 8, 9) 

If we (and/or Tiger) were to take credit for decisions made to place our faith in Jesus Christ, it robs God of the glory that is rightfully His, alone.  Furthermore, it would understandably be a proud moment for us to make such a decision on our own.  And pride is perhaps our greatest sin and Tiger Woods is no less prideful than any of the rest of us.  Tiger Woods will not find redemption in Jesus Christ, as Brit Hume suggests, apart from God acting first, in drawing Woods to Himself.  And our prayer should perhaps be that the brokeness and loss that Woods is experiencing as a result of his moral failure being made public, is the means by which God drains Woods of his self-service (pride) and draws him to Himself.

Looking for New Year’s Resolutions? You might find some here.

January 1, 2010

Kevin DeYoung is one of my favorite new authors and blog writers.  He has prepared a list of 10 questions for 2010 that his accountability partners have been challenged to ask him as he progresses through this new year.  While written from a pastor’s perspective, all but number 9 in his list would be equally applicable to the layperson.