Terry Jones is morally responsible for death of U.N workers.

This article is an excellent (although longish) read that convincingly holds Terry Jones (the imbecilic pastor from Florida, who burned a Koran that resulted in the death of several United Nations workers in Afghanistan) morally responsible for his actions.  It offers some outstanding things to consider about the absurd and deadly decision that Jones made.


One Response to Terry Jones is morally responsible for death of U.N workers.

  1. Morally responsible? No Way!

    It would be like comparing the CNN journalists who ran into Egypt while others were fleeing for their lives- they were yelling “Protect Me, Protect Me!”

    Jones isn’t my idea of a Christian, but his actions are not responsible for what happened. Americans should not have to give up their faith to assist the UN, military, senators, or whomever in their efforts to achieve “peace” which everyone knows has never been their goal in the first place.

    C’mon! Afghanistan? How rural and undeveloped can one get yet they are still there achieving “peace?”

    Yeah! I’d like to have some “peace” myself but I know that will never happen because of this type of stuff. “Peace” in Mexico? Maybe. If we ship them all over here. “Peace” in Egypt? Maybe if the “brotherhood” is in charge. “Peace” with Iran? Maybe, if we let them nuke Israel.

    What “peace?”


    And, that concludes the sermon for today. Thank you.

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