About Whatever!

Whatever! is about whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes serious, sometimes random.  This is where I expound the stuff we were taught as kids NOT to talk about when around people we were not familiar with…faith, politics, culture and maybe a few other things that roll around inside my head.

You don’t have to agree with everything I write.  In fact, I suspect you won’t.  But if I make you think critically about your own position on a particular topic, you will be far better off than had you invested your time and energy in the myriad other mind-numbing activities you could be engaged in besides reading blogs.

About the title “Whatever!”…it has been known to be a term that I use occasionally, and usually in a particularly dismissive way.  My daughter and wife refer to it as my passive aggressive side.  My response not surprisingly is:  WHATEVER!

I am a retired corporate marketing executive. I worked for divisions of two of the world’s largest and most successful food and beverage manufacturers.  I had the privilege of travelling all over the world in my career and have seen, first hand, many of the unique cultures of this planet.  I am a lifelong student and observer of what does and does not work in business.  I love business strategy and tactics, and evaluating how companies direct their course and execute their plans.

I love the Lord.  I am grateful for having been elected into salvation according to God’s good pleasure.  While labels can at times be confusing, my theology can fairly be described as Protestant, Reformed, Complimentarian, Cessationist, and Amillinnialist. The 5 Solas are truth.

About the Banner Photograph

This photo has quite a legend.  The story that had been circulated was that it was taken in 2004 during a Christmas snow storm in south Texas, an extraordinarily rare thing.  It was supposedly taken by an unknown photographer at Port Aransas, TX looking out over the Gulf of Mexico during that Christmas morning snow storm.  The significance of the shape of the light penetrating the clouds and the morning on which it occurred, transcends comment.

Here is the whole image, unfortunately too large to be used in its entirety in the banner of my blog.  However, Steve Browne, former KSAT-TV meteorologist who was my source for the photo is confident that there has been some Photoshopping done to the picture.  And I believe he is correct.  As you look off the coast of Texas, you would be looking eastward.  And in early winter, the sun would be very low in the southern sky.  BUT, the sun, based on its “beams” in this picture appears to be very high in the northern sky.



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