Northwest Flight 188

October 26, 2009

It may still be some time before we find out what was really going on in the cockpit of the jet that operated as NW 188 from San Diego to Minneapolis.  What is known is that for something over one hour, the plane was unresponsive to attempts to contact it by air traffic controllers and the company itself (via whatever means it has to communicate with planes in-flight).  During this period of “running silent”, the plane overshot its destination and had to turn around to land in Minneapolis.  And this, only after flight attendants had to bang on the cockpit door to get the crew to respond.  Meanwhile, interceptor jets were apparently prepared to take-off to intervene.  In the post-9/11 era, “intervention” includes the unthinkable possibility of a military jet shooting down a commercial airliner.

So-called experts called in by the media to speculate on what had gone wrong seemed to generally agree that the pilots had probably fallen asleep.  They “reassured” us that it is not at all uncommon for pilots to fall asleep while flying.  (Don’t you feel better knowing that?)  But the pilots themselves claimed that they were embroiled in a heated argument and failed to hear the attempts to contact them.  That explanation always seemed implausible to me.  But now, their explanation has been revised to them both working on laptop computers, and were not aware of attempts to contact them.  What!?  We move from a verbal knock-down, drag-out, to simply a couple of people working on laptops and distracted to the point that for over an hour, they are unaware of the very radios they are required to listen and respond to?  Do you suppose anyone is buying this?  I’m not.

And now, according to reports I heard today, the cockpit voice recorder is…blank.  Uh huh.  When that voice recorder could corroborate one or another of the various “explanations” of what was going on in that plane, but now it cannot, I am lead to believe that there is yet another explanation that is far more embarrassing, or scandalous that neither pilot wishes to have disclosed and that is why they erased the recorder, which a report today said they could do, once they had landed the airplane.

All three scenarios that have been offered (sleep, argument, laptops) are utterly unsatisfying.  Irrespective of which one it might be (or even another, yet to be reveled), these pilot have betrayed the trust of their employers, the agencies that license them to fly, and especially the passengers they are paid to safely deliver to their planned destinations.  And given the catastrophic possibility of the plane having to be brought down by a fighter jet as a contingency against a terrorist hijacking the two pilots involved in this incident really should be planning on a new line of work.  No matter what was REALLY going on in that plane.



October 26, 2009

On some level, this product makes me glad that I am not a golfer.  But for those of you who are, you should check this out and consider adding it to your bag.  It’s “the only club in your bag guaranteed to keep you out of the woods!”

Has anyone seen a man holding a golf club under a towel that is hanging from the front of his pants?  If you have, NOW you know what he was REALLY doing.

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Surprising? Or not so much?

October 25, 2009

I acknowledge the inherent risks in being a man and posting a link to this article, as it might leave the impression that I do so out of some satisfaction from its conclusions.  As the husband of a wife, father of a daughter and hopefully someday the father-in-law to a daughter-in-law, that is not the case at all.  Instead, I found it contained some refreshingly honest criticisms of “feminism” from inside its camp by some of its members and spokespersons…(I used that word as I assume “spokeswomen” might be taken with offense in our age of gender neutrality, thanks in part to feminism.)

The link above is to an interesting article by Albert Mohler that reflects on several newspaper and magazine essays and a book about feminism.  On one hand, I am surprised by what has been revealed in these finding, and then again, I’m not.  Having worked for many years in the corporate world, with many women professionals, the downsides to the women’s revolution were played out right before my eyes. 

This whole matter can be filed in the “you need to be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it, and then some” category.

U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R, sorry…D-ME)

October 13, 2009

Olympia SnoweDisappointed?  Yes.  Surprised?  Not in the least.  The “honorable” senior (Republican in name only) senator from the State of Maine, has announced that she will vote (again) in alignment with the party that she does not caucus with, to pass the so-called Baucus Bill for health care reform.  

Apparently, the “distinguished” lady from Maine fell sway to the persuasion of President Barack Hussein Obama, who called her yesterday to convince her to vote (as usual) with her Democrat comrades, er, ah, colleagues.  Well done Senator.  That’s the way to put a thumb in the eye of the party that you claim to be a member of.

But at the end of the day, does ONE vote from a RINO really make it a bi-partisan bill?

UPDATE:  Senator Snowe now explains that she voted for the bill to “keep things moving.”  Huh?  The bill (with her vote) passed 14 to 9.  If my math is correct, the count WITHOUT her vote would have been 13 to 10.  I am thinking the bill MIGHT have passed and “kept moving” even without her lending her “bi-partisan support” to it.

PREDICTION:  The democrats will now talk about the bill receiving bi-partisan support (by virtue of Snowe’s ONE vote) and they’ll do so with a straight face.

Top Twenty Things Obama Doesn’t Say

October 13, 2009

From American Thinker

Sad, but true.

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For those who thought Cash for Clunkers was a good idea…

October 6, 2009

This article is an opinion piece from the WSJ, but it also cites studies and research from respected institutes and academia.  The conclusions found in this article come closer to the truth than anything you will hear out of the Obama administration, or Congress. 

And these the same same folks who are rationalizing all sorts of savings for the U.S. economy from remaking the health care system.  Yeah, right!

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Great Question

October 6, 2009

Great Question

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