Random Stuff 4.18.2011

  1. What seemed like an otherwise important and well established charity to raise funds for breast cancer research has stubbed its toe in a remarkably inept way.  If they hope to survive this inexcusable granting of funds to support the leader in the baby killing industry, the Koman board ought to terminate their CEO, and CFO, repudiate these past indiscretions and pledge to never, ever, associate with such a controversial recipient of their funds.  If they fail to take actions approaching these, it will speak volumes, and should cause any thoughtful person to thoughtfully decline to support Komen’s efforts, no matter how worthy the bulk of their fundraising may be. How inconsistent is it to, on one hand, ostensibly raise money to save lives while out the back door some of the money goes to take the lives of the unborn?  This is an opening for another charity to take on leadership in the important fight against breast cancer.
  2. This is a great flow chart of the events of Holy Week.  When my wife walked by my computer and saw it, she thought it looked like a subway map, and she is right.
  3. I can remember with great clarity, the criticism of George W. Bush for his apparent slow actions in the immediate wake of Katrina.  As I write this, I have seen and heard nothing about our current president offering a statement, in person, in writing or via his mouthpieces, expressing his concern or condolences for the loss of life, and we are now into something like day 4 since the first tornadoes hit Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. But Barry played golf on Sunday.  Always time for golf.  I think we are up to something approaching 70 rounds in the two years he has been in office.  Am I missing the outrage from the mainstream media, or are they asleep on the job like an air traffic controller?
  4. The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be this Friday, April 29th.  But it appears that the fun has already begun.  This one  will no doubt be a bit more lively than the regal, stately one later this week or next or whenever it is.
  5. Wonder if the S&P “negative” outlook for the United States credit rating will nudge the politicians in Washington D.C. to get off their butts and make some constructive moves to fix the deficit problem.  I have my doubts, when the Treasury Secretary says that we need to increase the debt limit in order to fix the deficit.  Let me get this straight.  We need to deepen the hole so we can close the hole?  Either these people are hopelessly stupid, or they are devious, manipulative liars, hellbent on destroying our economy.
  6. Charles Manson’s new concern is global warming. He and AlGore make a great pair and credible spokespersons for this imaginary issue.  At least Charles Manson has the excuse of being mentally ill.
  7. Today is Tax Day.  Apart from the portion of your taxes that go to pay for our Armed Forces, are you pleased with where your money is spent?  Me neither.

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