Random Stuff 4.20.2011

  1. A seldom if ever seen look at what is probably the more realistic Obama. (Watch the video.)  A petulant, thin-skinned, uninformed, catty, bristling, snarky interviewee, who thinks that he is entitled to deliver his message without any challenge whatsoever.  The last few seconds when the interview appears to be over are some of the most telling.  The mainstream media has allowed him to have his way for so long, including the likes of Bill O’Reilly, I guess he just wasn’t prepared for someone who asked real questions and then see through the nuance.  Furthermore, does anyone REALLY believe Obama loves Texas?  Do you really?
  2. For anyone who is a parent now, or hopes to be someday, read this and DON’T forget it.
  3. Universalism is just wishful thinking.  And apparently upwards of 25% of self-defined “born again Christians” are wishful thinkers and not in a remotely helpful or doctrinally sound way.
  4. I guess that I am the only person on earth who is tired of seeing this guy pop up everywhere as if he has something really important to say.  Otherwise it seems like he would not keep popping up.  He  certainly has very little that is funny to say, and that is too bad since I think he is supposed to be a comedian.  
  5. Texas is on fire. Literally.  So much so that we have even made the news in the U.K.
  6. Have reached another of life’s milestones.  Our 1-month old, twin grand babies have come to visit at our house for the first time. Am I really that old?
  7. One of the great things about living out in the county is the wildlife.  For the last 5 years we have peacefully coexisted with a variety of species and we pretty much leave each other alone, apart from a few assaults by the deer on our planted landscape.  That is until about 9 months ago when our yard became too great a temptation for an armadillo.  At first I rationalized that the digging was helping to aerate the lawn.  But realistically, he/she is absolutely destroying the lawn not helping it, I suppose looking for grubs or some other delicacy.  Am anxiously awaiting the UPS delivery of a large Havahart trap this week for his/her capture.  Have not decided yet if this humane means of trapping will lead to a subsequent release many miles from our place, or something else.  When I survey the damage, the “something else” is tempting.

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