Couldn’t get it off of my mind!

March 3, 2010

Last night (that would be the evening of March 1, 2010) as I checked my Facebook News Feed, I was amazed that the common subject that kept receiving the attention of my Facebook friends or more accurately, one gender of my Facebook friends.  And while I did not check my feed until around 10:00 pm, I scrolled back and found that those comments really started sometime after 8:00 pm.  I went to bed last night pondering both the sheer quantity and also the nature and content of those Facebook  posts.  It was gnawing at me.  And I know exactly why that is, and so would my Facebook friends. 

I always know that a matter is stuck in my mind when one of my first thoughts the next morning deals with the same subject that drifted from consciousness a few hours earlier.  The difference between my reaction this morning and last night is that I am far less irritated, and far more philosophical about the whole subject.  And that more cerebral  response has led me to dwell on a question.  It is not a question that I would necessarily pose to any of my Facebook friends who were so immersed in the matter last night, but instead, one that I ask myself and wonder what I can do with the answer.

That question is…”What do the Pursuit of Holiness and watching The Bachelor, have in common?”

I suppose the quick answer would be “nothing.”  On many levels, they would seem to be almost polar opposites from one another.  One is rooted in a healthy distrust of ourselves, based on an awareness of our depravity, combined with a deliberate self-denial of the chasing after of our persistent sinful affections.  These are combined with the grace saturated promise of a perfect eternity and an ongoing personal striving for righteousness that is evidenced by an upward trajectory in our personal conduct brought about by the process of God’s sanctification of His people. 

The other, well, it appeals to the flesh, and it hijacks the imagination and emotions taking them to depraved and immoral places that we would never willingly allow ourselves to be taken physically.  Yet week in and week out, television audiences are led astray by one of the most UNreal, reality shows currently in production.  I dare say that I do not know anyone who would willingly submit themselves to the baseness, indignity, and humiliation that  permeates every aspect of the show.

But not so fast.  It would be too easy to say there is nothing in common.  Because there is something that the Pursuit of Holiness and watching The Bachelor have in common.  Or maybe more accurately, it is not “something”, but instead, “SOMEONE”.  It is every person (male or female) who claims to be both a Christ-follower and a viewer of this show.

So, now what?  The only answer that I know, and in which I have perfect confidence is this.  Further and emphatic proclamation of the gospel.  For the gospel of Christ is both the means by which God draws His elect to Himself , and the particular revelation of God that trains us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in the present age.

Now, it’s late, and time for the old man  to go to bed.  Without this one on my mind.