Intelligence is not a requirement to be elected in Milwaukee.

June 25, 2010

Peggy West is an elected official for Milwaukee County in Wisconsin.  According to the bio that is provided by the website, she is apparently an Hispanic woman, in spite of her Anglo-sounding surname. 

She is also stunningly ignorant when it comes to U.S. geography and this nation’s border with the country from which she claims some heritage.  The evidence speaks for itself.

Wisconsinites, Milwaukeeans, and Latinas everywhere must surely be very proud of their citizen, representative and daughter.


A “little” hyperbole. Now that will be helpful.

June 23, 2010

I understand why Mexico’s President is not in favor of Arizona’s new law that will allow law enforcement officials to check a person’s immigration status if they have first been otherwise stopped for some other offense.  Frankly, it WILL have an effect in the economy of his country since huge amounts of dollars flow from the US to Mexico, in the hands of undocumented Mexican nationals who seek work in the United States.

I also understand why Mexico’s President would try to join, at least rhetorically, in opposing the law.  It is about the only thing he can do.  But it is grasping at straws.  He has no standing at present because none of his citizens have been harmed by a FUTURE law that is not presently being enforced.  Further, he is essentially objecting to the spirit of a current Federal law that is NOT being consistently enforced and one that is at least effectually comparable to the laws of his own country.  That being, law enforcement officials have the right to confirm the legal immigration status of a non-citizen or resident alien.

What I don’t understand is how President Calderon could possibly assume that his argument, and his intelligence for that matter, will escape utter dismissal when he makes a statement like this:

the law “opens a Pandora’s box of the worst abuses in the history of humanity” by promoting racial profiling and potentially leading to an authoritarian society.

Seriously?  Asking someone for a driver license or other form of identification to indicate that they are a citizen of the State of Arizona and therefore the United States of America is akin to some of the worst abuses in the history of humanity?  Or even akin to some of the abuses that are described as being present in his own country, according to this article?  Really?

Ooops. Just off by several hundred years.

June 13, 2010

“It was a first class disaster” says one of the UN climate scientists.  No, not the climate change itself.  Their report.  With respect to the final melting of Himalayan glaciers, the UN experts are only off by “several hundred years” they now admit.  No kidding.  Several hundred years.  But their initial report, based on junk science and grossly flawed calculations earned them a Nobel Prize in 2007.

So much for the UN scientists AND the Nobel committee.  Hacks.

Read more about it HERE.

Woooooo! Watch out. He’s getting mad.

June 8, 2010

I suppose from THIS we are to assume that BHO is on the verge of solving the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Six weeks into it, he is going to have a conversation with some expert and from that conversation he will discern who needs some “extra motivation” in order to solve the problem.

Well, I feel so much better now about both the solution to the problem as well as the leadership we are receiving from our President.  How about you?

Sur(ly) Paul McCartney

June 5, 2010

What a classless, ill-informed comment about a former head of state, from a man who was knighted by his Queen under an Order of Chivalry.  There was nothing chivalrous about the comment, nor was it even remotely intelligent with respect to the facts.

First off, what a senseless remark given the context in which it was made.  Secondly, while it would only be a guess on my part, I would hazard it nonetheless by saying that former President Bush is at least as well read as McCartney.  Likely, moreso.  And irrespective of that, Bush is apparently better read than the current President who McCartney defends against criticism. 

Finally, and perhaps most ironic, Sir Paul has obviously bought into the now outdated talking point about “the last eight years”.  Because “the last eight years” now includes a year and a half of the less than truly impressive current administration, for whom Sir Paul presumably has all sorts of admiration. 

But all that said, there can be little doubt, since he proves it on virtually a daily basis, that BHO is indeed quite a reader, even if it is not books that he reads.  In fact, it seems that almost no one reads more this way, than BHO.