Random Stuff 4.21.2011

  1. It’s San Jacinto Day in Texas.  An important day in Texas history marking the final and decisive battle in the Republic’s fight for independence from Mexico in 1836.  And it is a solemn one for Aggies all over the world. “Softly Call the Muster…”
  2. This is an important article.  Anyone really think this imbalance is sustainable?  If actions speak louder than words, it would appear that most democrat elected officials and way too many republicans, do.  I think the facts are on my side when I say “it is not.”
  3. Are you missing Charlie Sheen yet, since he is more or less out of the news?  Me neither.  I would say WE are “winning!”
  4. The media are making much ado about nothing with respect to the “go around” that Michelle Obama’s plane had to make day before yesterday.  If this maneuver had been executed by any other plane with any other passenger, it would not have merited even a mention by the media, EVEN in light of the other inexcusable problems that have rightly received the attention of the press with sleeping air traffic controllers.
  5. Inside Edition, has found Kate Middleton’s 15th cousin once removed living in Connecticut.  Don’t know how either of them (Kate or the cousin) have been able to survive all this time without being aware of one another.  This is such good news.  Wonder if the cousin will get an invitation to the wedding next week, even though the notice is so short.
  6. I have relatively little respect for trial lawyers (aka Ambulance Chasers) and those law firms who bring class action lawsuits against companies with the apparent motive of helping the “little guy” while lining their own pockets with huge percentages of the awards.  It is in this light, that I celebrate with Taco Bell in the news that the law firm that tried to bring a class action suit against them, has withdrawn the suit.  And Taco Bell is getting the last laugh with ads running in some major newspapers.
  7. This disgusts me.  Good on S&P.  Either the Treasury Department officials are liars, or their mental capacity is alarmingly diminished. Get this…they think the national debt of $14.3 trillion dollars is under control.  Right.

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