Rescuing Ambition

September 5, 2010

Rescuing Ambition, by Dave Harvey, is a winner.  It is the second book I have read by Harvey, and while I would say it was not as compelling as his first, When Sinners Say ‘I Do’, it nonetheless was well worth the time I invested in it.

The essential premise of the book is that human beings, were created to be ambitious.  In the original created order, our ambition was intended to pursue those things that would bring glory to the creator.  However, in the fall, ambition turned its sights inward, resulting in our seeking self-glory.  Today, most of us probably think of ‘ambition’, as the attribute, or character quality of those who are driven to succeed in,…you name it…, scholastic endeavors, business, or sports.  This is an ambition to be admired.  But sometimes, when it is taken to extremes, we regard ‘ambition’ as that attribute or character quality that motivates people to claw, grab, back-stab, neglect, and abandon, all in the interest of advancing an agenda, with little to no regard for the collateral damage left in one’s wake. 

Ambition is innate.  And ambition’s ultimate end is to produce glory.   And as Harvey points out, we were designed to love glory and to seek after it.  However, we must seek after a certain type of glory.  And the type of glory we should be seeking is that which comes from God as opposed to man-made glory. 

In the 11 chapters in the book Harvey does a great job of spelling out ambition’s origins, it’s corruption and the steps we need to think about to rescue it.  With the same wit and humor that was evident in his first book, Harvey has produced an easy-to-read guide to turning us from selfish ambition to the ambition originally conceived by God.