The hottest topic in the G.O.P.

One of the most predictable events in the debate among G.O.P. presidential candidates tonight will be some question, framed in some way, targeted at least at Rick Perry and likely others, about Mormonism.  The question probably will not be settled when the debate ends, and likely won’t be until a nominee is selected sometime next year.  And, if Romney is that nominee, the question will likely endure through the general election just about a year and a month from now.

There have been a number of articles written on this matter over the last couple of days, and one can surely bet that there will be many more written as time goes on.  Two of the best that I have seen so far are these.  The first was written by Al Mohler, Southern Seminary President, and the second by Denny Burke, who is a Bible professor from Boyce College which is the undergraduate arm of Southern.  If you only read one, pick Mohler’s.  It is a bit long, but it is outstanding and will help clarify the issue and may be useful to both helping you form your thoughts on the matter and helping others who are struggling with this question of how Christians should think about a Mormon candidate.

UPDATE:  Here is yet another interesting article, this time mostly from a political strategy perspective.  Written by David Murray who is a professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, it leans heavily in the direction of media conspiracy theory, but frankly it is so plausible that it almost demands that we give it more than just a second thought.  Well worth the few minutes to read.


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