The ‘Other’ Steve Jobs

Last week I followed suit with countless others who eulogized Steve Jobs with either simple “R.I.P.’s”, or article-length pieces.  Not a week has passed yet since his death.  Yet articles are now appearing that reveal another side to the genius that was heralded last week and seemed kindly and loveable, if not a bit eccentric.  As this article notes, “a great man’s reputation can withstand a full accounting.”  And so it does, portraying a darker, less warm and fuzzy genius in Steve Jobs.

With respect to a part of the article linked to above, I have to say that on one hand, I am leery of censorship in its unbridled form. An authority that has the power to censor one type of material that might be deemed offensive to some, has the power to broaden its scope to include material that IT deems to be offensive.  The linked to article decries what might be thought of as censorship exercised by Apple via its App Store and iTunes.  Yet, limits placed on what can and cannot be installed on an iPhone or iPad via an app, places NO limitation on what can be accessed via these devices internet connectivity.  So that particular complaint in this article falls a bit short of making a credible point.  Furthermore, (at least historically) a company like Disney drew lines on what material it would allow to be presented under its brand.  I am sure there are other examples, so Apple’s policy is hardly lacking precedent.

All this said, along with what the article has to offer, I hope all the more that God did a work or regeneration in Steve Jobs life near its end, as these latest revelations and reflections confirm that he seemed to lack that, in the normal course of his life.


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