Random Stuff 7.21.2011

  1. Representative Alan West clearly should have chosen a better way of delivering his message to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  One that did not have the paper (or electronic) trail would have been a good idea.  But what he said was his opinion, and I suspect that he is not alone in it. He just had the courage to say it, as opposed to all the nonsense you hear up there customarily…”the gentlewoman from…”, “the honorable …”.
  2. I can’t help but think that the professional politicians in Washington are scamming the citizens of our country with their “negotiating’ on this deficit, debt ceiling, blah blah blah stuff.  Could they really be surprised that polls consistently reveal that they are not trusted?
  3. I live in a part of the country where it is naturally expected to be hot in the summer.  I “get” hot weather.  I feel sorry for the parts of the country that are suffering with record-breaking heat right now.  I wonder if those folks return the sentiment when we experience record-breaking cold or snowfall down here in the southern tier of states?
  4. Let me say that I am opposed to “Obamacare.”  That said, the direct and associated costs for a relatively simply arthroscopic knee surgery are staggering.  The costs associated with the care of my premature, but otherwise completely healthy grandson were staggering.  While there are many industries that need to be reformed by way of a truly free market, I can think of none that need it more than the health care industry and all of its hangers-on, like the insurance industry (health and liability) and the parasite lawyers who swirl around it.  While I shudder at what Obama’s socialized medicine will do to health care in the U.S., another side of me says the folks that are in and around the industry, deserve it.  As an industry the players seem to have been inattentive to the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.”
  5. Hard to believe that we have effectively seen the end of the manned space program for the greatest country in the world. Our arch-enemies are now the only players and if we want to go back to space anytime soon, we have to pay to hitch a ride.

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