A light of reason in an otherwise dark sea.

The New York Times is notorious and unapologetic for its liberal leanings.  It rarely even tries to portray itself as objective in its coverage of the news.

With that said, it is indeed refreshing to see at least one reasonable opinion article in the NYT published yesterday, covering the subject of the horrific shooting in Tucson, Arizona over the weekend.  Ross Douthat is a light of reason in what is otherwise a very, very, very dark sea of biased liberal thought quartered in the NYT building.  Read his outstanding article at the link below.

United in Horror – Ross Douthat

And then if you dare, read the articles, published the same day by these two hacks, who in several examples don’t even get their facts straight much less have supportable opinions.  Case in point, the assertion (by virtue of a quoted source) by Gail Collins, that the particular pistol used by Jared Laughner is used only for the purpose of killing or injuring lots of people very quickly, and not for personal protection.  The particular pistol used by Laughner is the exact same model used by law enforcement officers all around our country and probably around the world.  Seldom if ever are we made aware of police officers using their guns for the purpose of killing or injuring lots of people quickly.  What we DO hear are stories of police officers using those same guns for self-protection and the protection of the people they serve.

You can read the highly biased and factually deficient articles by Gail Collins and Paul Krugman at these links.

A Right to Bear Glocks? – Gail Collins

Climate of Hate – Paul Krugman


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