Veering away from orthodoxy.

Earlier this week, Catholic Pope Benedict declared that God is behind the “Big Bang” and that the universe was no accident.  While on one hand, the Pope continues to acknowledge that God had a role in the creative process, he has played directly into the hands of evolutionists, who hold to a “big bang” theory of the cause of what we have come to regard as the universe, including that it is BILLIONS of years old rather than something MUCH younger, although there is no agreement on how much younger and people of good faith disagree on this matter.

This latest papal pronouncement is troubling because a presumably infallible endorsement by him of this sort, essentially veers away from historic Christian orthodoxy.  And that orthodoxy understands creation to have been ex nihilo, that is, literally out of nothing, and spoken into existence (as the clear language of scripture describes), by a transcendent God.  Instead, the Pope seems to be describing a god, not like the one in the Bible, whose direct agency was to figuratively ignite some cosmic fuse, which subsequently resulted in pre-existent matter coalescing into what we know of today as “the universe”.  While the Pope’s theory may concede a god as an initiating agent in the process, it is implicit that the results are somehow the product of the “bang” which acted as the direct agent. 

There is really only one conclusion that can be arrived at and that is that the Pope has capitulated to the modern age, and is for whatever reason veering away from historic, Biblical orthodoxy.


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