An important article for Obama’s naive admirers (that may also be of interest to his detractors).

Dinesh D’Souza writes an article in the September 27, 2010 print issue of Forbes Magazine titled “How Obama Thinks“.  This may be THE most important article I have ever read about Barack Hussein Obama.  It provides brilliant insight into what motivates this man and it goes a long way toward explaining the policies that he has implemented and others he is determined to implement.

What strikes me as really interesting (but not a part of the article) is that while old Soviets used to regard Western sympathizers as “useful idiots,” it has now become clear to me that Obama probably regards his fellow democrats as the “useful idiots” that are necessary to achieve his ends, described in the article.  And my hunch is, these Obama sympathizers are probably not smart enough to know that he is using them. 

Consequently, this article is probably more important for Obama’s admirers to read, than his detractors.  And until he can be voted out of office in 2012, an increasingly likely event, an awakening by these democrats may be our country’s best hope for the next couple of years, unless the republicans can deliver in November 2010 and put the brakes on some of Obama’s deconstructionist plans.

HT:  my Dad


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