A great question!

“Anybody listening?”  That is the question posed by Parker Williamson, the former executive director of the Presbyterian Lay Committee.  He poses the question in his article about the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) and its recent General Assembly discussions about taking steps to “censure” Caterpillar, Inc., the heavy equipment manufacturer, for sales of its equipment to Israel.  You can read the entire piece HERE.  It makes some of the most excellent points I have seen in a long time with respect to the PCUSA’s loss of real purpose, which is exactly where it finds itself right now, but doesn’t know or understand it. 

Williamson’s points would apply to MOST if not ALL of the old mainline Christian denominations.  Substitute any denominational name from among those old mainline churches, and the truths spoken in this article will be relevant.  And sadly, I would submit that even some of the more evangelical splinters from the old mainline churches are prone to veering off into “words” instead of “the Word” whenever they begin dabbling in the areas of social justice, kooky and unsupportable enviro-consciousness, LGBTQ sensitivities, and a host of other culturally popular topics.

Read the aricle!


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