You Can Change

You Can Change – God’s Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions, written by Tim Chester is, at its heart, a book about the sanctification of the believer.  Specifically, dealing with our role in recognizing those areas of our lives that need change in order to keep us on a trajectory of becoming more Christlike.

The book is systematic in its approach and is helpful in identifying both the issues and obstacles we have with effecting change in our lives as well as encouragement to focus on the means by which genuine change comes about.  Chester also points to the church as the institution where we will find both the encouragement and accountability to bring about the sanctifying change we all need and should be seeking.  Finally, he provides a dose of realism with the declaration that change is both a daily and a lifetime undertaking, but not one that takes an eternity as we will be glorified in due course.  

The book’s 10 chapters each have a review and guide to assist in applying what has been taught by the author in the preceding pages.  While I read it individually, I sense that this would be a very good book for small groups to read given their conduciveness to follow on discussion and accountability.

While I have no serious regrets at having spent the time reading this book, I still have to admit that it did not exactly “wow” me.  I really wish that I could put my finger on exactly what it was that failed to ignite my delight, but I cannot.  And, when I page through the book, I found that I had underlined a fair amount of the content, suggesting that as I read, it was providing matters of interest.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, while I would not discourage anyone from reading You Can Change, I also would not go out of my way to suggest that this be added to everyone’s reading list.

As Simon Cowell was known to say on American Idol…”Sorry”.


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