A “little” hyperbole. Now that will be helpful.

I understand why Mexico’s President is not in favor of Arizona’s new law that will allow law enforcement officials to check a person’s immigration status if they have first been otherwise stopped for some other offense.  Frankly, it WILL have an effect in the economy of his country since huge amounts of dollars flow from the US to Mexico, in the hands of undocumented Mexican nationals who seek work in the United States.

I also understand why Mexico’s President would try to join, at least rhetorically, in opposing the law.  It is about the only thing he can do.  But it is grasping at straws.  He has no standing at present because none of his citizens have been harmed by a FUTURE law that is not presently being enforced.  Further, he is essentially objecting to the spirit of a current Federal law that is NOT being consistently enforced and one that is at least effectually comparable to the laws of his own country.  That being, law enforcement officials have the right to confirm the legal immigration status of a non-citizen or resident alien.

What I don’t understand is how President Calderon could possibly assume that his argument, and his intelligence for that matter, will escape utter dismissal when he makes a statement like this:

the law “opens a Pandora’s box of the worst abuses in the history of humanity” by promoting racial profiling and potentially leading to an authoritarian society.

Seriously?  Asking someone for a driver license or other form of identification to indicate that they are a citizen of the State of Arizona and therefore the United States of America is akin to some of the worst abuses in the history of humanity?  Or even akin to some of the abuses that are described as being present in his own country, according to this article?  Really?

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