Sur(ly) Paul McCartney

What a classless, ill-informed comment about a former head of state, from a man who was knighted by his Queen under an Order of Chivalry.  There was nothing chivalrous about the comment, nor was it even remotely intelligent with respect to the facts.

First off, what a senseless remark given the context in which it was made.  Secondly, while it would only be a guess on my part, I would hazard it nonetheless by saying that former President Bush is at least as well read as McCartney.  Likely, moreso.  And irrespective of that, Bush is apparently better read than the current President who McCartney defends against criticism. 

Finally, and perhaps most ironic, Sir Paul has obviously bought into the now outdated talking point about “the last eight years”.  Because “the last eight years” now includes a year and a half of the less than truly impressive current administration, for whom Sir Paul presumably has all sorts of admiration. 

But all that said, there can be little doubt, since he proves it on virtually a daily basis, that BHO is indeed quite a reader, even if it is not books that he reads.  In fact, it seems that almost no one reads more this way, than BHO. 


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