What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert is a short book of only 120 some odd pages, that I read in one sitting.  But while its physical length may be short, it is in no way short on substance.  This is one of those books that accomplishes in a very few pages, what countless others with two or three times as many pages have failed to do, and that is to draw attention to the white-hot core of the essentials of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And Gilbert does so in very understandable terms, in part by drawing comparisons between the TRUE Gospel and some of the mutations that have developed over the last couple of thousand years, with most of those springing up in the last couple of dozen.

This is an excellent book for both the Christian and the unsaved alike.  It will be useful for the “mature” Christian and the person who has just recently experienced the life changing experience of Godly regeneration. 

I know something of Gilbert’s background in terms of seminary education and the church where he currently serves.  To his credit, he focuses on the real essentials of the Gospel and does not even make a slight pass by any of the doctrinal or practical distinctives that I know he embraces, but which would cause some to regard this book as flowing from a particular theological stream of modern Christianity or a particular denomination within the church, and thus be suspect of partisanship or bias.  But, again to Gilbert’s credit, you would not expect to find those sorts of doctrinal or practical influences in a book that serves to answer the question:  “What is the Gospel?”

Read this book!


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