Done, and DONE!

The headline of The Layman article reads:  “More than half of PCUSA Presbyterians reject Jesus as sole savior”.  The article that follows the headline does not provide any relief from the shock one might receive upon first reading that.  You can read the entire article HERE.

This stately old Mainline denomination was dying a slow death anyway with its failure to exercise the kind of rigor or discipline that would be required to end once and for all its interminable dancing with the matter of ordination of unrepentant and practicing homosexuals.  Add to that, the long-standing practice of ordaining and installing women to the position of pastor/head of staff, which betrays the clear teaching of the New Testament, and it was no wonder that this is an ailing connection.

But the findings of the research that are the subject of the linked article are an all together different matter.  The centrality of the role of Jesus in orthodox Christian soteriology is so fundamental that the kind of numbers that deny this truth, particularly among clergy and elders, spells nothing short of apostasy. 

The PCUSA is a whitewashed tomb.  Those who still claim a true faith in the scriptures and belief the essential doctrines of Christianity (such as the exclusivity of Christ) would do well to removed themselves from this wretched institution.  There are several denominations that offer historic, reformed theology in a presbyterian form of government, such as the EPC and PCA.  Run to one of those….FAST!

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