Another run past “The Shack”

The Shack, written by William P. Young, has reached best-seller status and on some levels has almost achieved a cult-like following.  People claim that it has changed their spiritual lives.  I condescended to read The Shack almost a year and a half ago, because so many people, especially some of my much younger (college-aged) friends were so enchanted by it  and I sensed (I believe correctly) that I really needed to have first hand knowledge of the content of this book that seemed to have such an overwhelming influence on so many.

I reviewed The Shack and expressed my concerns with what I had read, all the while conceding that if anything, it was a quick read and it had something of a sweet, sentimental message.  Still, my concerns far out weighed any positive things I might have had to say about the book.  You can read (or re-read) my review HERE.

My concerns aside, Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY wrote an important article today about The Shack and the implications of its popularity on orthodox Christianity. Click HERE to read it.   His analysis is nothing short of brilliant.  The article is somewhat long, but I highly recommend it  to anyone who  holds a position of favorability for The Shack.

The conclusions that Mohler reaches ought to result in some serious soul-searching among those who are enthusiastic about The Shack and its fans must ask themselves if they, along with William P. Young, hold to the progressive (liberal) theology of universalism that seems to be the thread that is woven throughout the book.  If you loved, or liked, or even mildly appreciated The Shack you need to read Mohler’s article and check yourself.  Do it!


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