Pat Robertson and Federal Headship

There has been a lot made of Pat Robertson’s comments last week about the disaster in Haiti, at least if measured by the number of Facebook updates and blog titles I have come across.  I have intentionally tried to steer clear of reading most of those, so if my comments below repeat things you have already heard or seen, I apologize.  But I assure you it is not for having simply regurgitated that which I have read elsewhere.  Here is the clip that is in question.

Several thoughts on what I heard.

  1. There are indeed many occasions when Pat Robertson opens his mouth and removes one foot only to replace it with the other.  Nevertheless, he surely must have done some good for the kingdom over the course of his life in ministry.  While this latest incident marries very nicely with his occasional insensitivity, and maybe even ignorance, most notably around the time of 9/11, those of us who have never made some statement for which we have regrets, may go ahead and start throwing stones.
  2. I wonder if there really is any truth, as Robertson says, that the Haitians actually swore a pact with the devil?  Is there some historical evidence of this “treaty”?  What is his source?  The only thing I found in my research (albeit limited) were some references to a voodoo priest making some such “deal”, but frankly, I was not able to determine with certainty if the article was serious, or if it was a parody.  At best, it sounds more like legend than fact.  Most of the other results from my searches were directly related to Robertson. 
  3. Contrary to the murmuring on the internet, and the title of the You Tube video, I did not hear Robertson say that the devil directly caused the earthquake as a result of this supposed pact.  What I did hear is that the Haitian people have been “cursed by one thing after another” since they made their supposed deal.  
  4. Irrespective of whether or not the Haitians made some sort of “pact” with the devil, a more important and even more long-lasting deal with him had already been struck on the Haitian’s behalf, as well as our own.  Our forefather,  Adam, made a deal with the devil, and by virtue of his office as federal head, that deal has been binding on Haitians and every other person (with one exception) who has walked on this earth.  All of creation groans under the terms of that deal.  As a result, mankind (and indeed all of creation ) has been “cursed by one thing after another.”  For Robertson to focus on the possibility of some more recent arrangement between the devil and the forefathers of the current Haitian people misses the whole point of scripture.
  5. While we have a federal head who struck a deal that is binding on us, we have also struck deals the devil.    I believe, that God would refer to these deals as “personal sins.”
  6. Robertson is correct that our prayers for the Haitian people should include that there be a turning to God.  And that is excellent advise because, we have a second federal head in Jesus Christ, who has consummated another far better deal for those that the Father calls to be His own.

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