President Obama = Shameless

President Obama, while speaking at a church in Washington D.C. this morning, declared the following, with respect to a headline grabbing current event:

It will be a victory for dignity and decency, and for our common humanity. It will be a victory for the United States of America.” (emphasis, mine)  Source:  Fox

So, what is “It“?  When the President makes reference to “dignity” and “decency” and “common humanity,” one might assume he is referring to the overwhelming outpouring of concern for the people of Haiti, suffering through the earthquake that literally leveled their nation.  And that concern has been and still is being evidenced by the millions upon millions of dollars that have been donated to relief agencies and their efforts to address this human tragedy.

But NO!  The president is not talking about how Americans are digging into their own pockets to help people who they have never met and likely never will, who speak another language and who live hundreds of miles from the closest American city.  Instead, he is declaring that our “dignity” and “decency” and “common humanity” will be indicated by the extent to which a few hundred elected officials in Washington D.C. authorize the government to stick its hands in our pockets to fund the largest government take-over of a private market in our country’s history. 

To conclude that governmental redistribution of wealth is the indication of a people’s decency, rather than that same people’s voluntary benevolence, is the height of indecency

Mr. Obama, have you no shame?


2 Responses to President Obama = Shameless

    • Chuck says:

      Agreed. And the first non-ballistic shots of that revolution may be fired this coming Tuedsay, in all places…Massachusetts, the original home of revolutionary action back in the mid to late 1700’s. And then there will be even more non-ballistic shots fired in polling places in November of this year. I hope these do the trick.

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