Thank you, Fox News

Fox News has done it again, thank you very much.  They have hired-on yet another Republican presidential “hopeful” as a contributor.  You might think I am being cynical, but I am serious.  I am glad they have hired Sarah Palin to join Mike Huckabee on the network.   And while these employment gigs do not assure that either of these two will NOT throw their hats into the ring for the 2012 election, I do hope they find this line of work more satisfying that holding elected office, particularly the highest office in our country.

Now, I know that my delight in this will come with some disagreement, perhaps even from the other soul who lives under the same roof that I do.  So, let me clarify.  I think the ideas and policies of both Huckabee and Palin are outstanding.  They both represent the more conservative interests that I have, and are a better reflection of the values that I  hold.  However, I believe both are unelectable to national office, not so much because of their political views, but instead based on their personalities and styles.  I am sorry that is the case, but I am afraid that it is.  To be elected to national office, policies are marketed, no doubt.  But there must also be a “packaging strategy” that I fear neither of these candidates possess.  And there is little chance of remaking either, as they are known quantities now and any make-over would be seen for exactly what it is.

Every time I see Mike Huckabee, I am reminded of Gomer Pyle.  His “aw shucks” style and his corny metaphors that seem to be attached to every analysis, wear thin on me and even though I like the points he makes, he does not seem to carry the kind of buttoned-down professionalism that I would like to see in the person who leads our country.

As for Palin, I will say that she was the ONLY good thing about the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008.  But that comment should not be understood to say that I think she is “good.”  For as much as I like her no B.S. style and her lack of reverence for the institutions that make up Washington D.C., her “maverickiness” is also a bit undignified.  Folks, we are talking about the most powerful office in the WORLD.  And her lack of gravitas, is off-putting for me when thinking about the prospects of supporting her as a Presidential candidate.  Furthermore, she is a walking parody.  When I think “Sarah Palin”…I see Tina Faye!  And the main stream media, who the Republican candidate will NEVER win over, will see her in the same way.  While the media only has one vote apiece like we do, they can still do some incredible damage to a candidate apart from the ballot box.

No, unfortunately, I do not have an alternative to offer above these two.  My preference the last time around was Fred Thompson.  But his obvious reluctance to engage the process in 2008 was both disappointing and disgusting.  He did his part (by virtue of his apparent ambivalence) to contribute to the resulting nomination of McCain, who was without a doubt the worst Republican presidential candidate in my lifetime, although I will say he has had some close competition.

We have a year for an electable candidate to make his/her interests known.  We have a very real chance of booting the current President out of office in 2012, but it WILL take a serious and marketable candidate to make it happen.  As a final thought, if either of these two leave the sets of Fox News to be nominated the Republican presidential candidate, I will CERTAINLY support either of them as they run against Barack Obama, as either “Gomer,” or” Tina” would be far and away superior to him.


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