CBS News shows its true (liberal) colors tonight on 60 Minutes

As advertised, CBS News 60 Minutes tonight dedicated one of its quarter hour segments to the forthcoming book, Game Change, due out this week.  I mentioned this book in my post yesterday.  The book deals with a variety of investigative “revelations” that have come out since the 2008 Presidential elections, some of which border on scandalous.  The authors dealt with matters related to both the Republicans and Democrats in their book.

However, the bulk of the 60 Minutes interview with the book’s authors covered the discord between Sarah Palin and John McCain and the McCain campaign staff.  While there may have been some fine points that amounted to being fresh news, the vast majority has been revealed elsewhere, in some cases by Palin herself.  Not surprisingly, CBS’ selection of this material is consistent with their apparent belief that Palin was an unqualified candidate for Vice-President. 

In spite of the overarching conclusion of this post, in fairness it should be noted that 60 Minutes did dedicate a few of their “minutes” to the book’s coverage of the behind the scenes discussions between Obama and Clinton, leading to her decision to accept his offer to be Secretary of State, after having initially declined.  The frank discussions between Obama and Clinton centered on private admissions by Clinton that her husband, Bill is “a problem” (that was the exact term used).  Apparently Obama agreed with Clinton in her assessment, but they collectively decided to make her nomination for Secretary of State work.

But perhaps the most disturbingly hypocritical and problematic revelation from the book (that being the racially electrified remarks that Harry Reid made about then-candidate Obama which were discussed at this site yesterday), received not a single mention.

Anyone surprised?


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