You tell’em, Brit. But,…it doesn’t work exactly like you make it sound.

I have always liked Brit Hume.  His professionalism, intelligence, and on-camera style were always an attraction.  One of my favorite news programs on television was Special Report on the Fox News Channel.  I was sorry to see him retire, but he still makes frequent appearances on Fox and for that I am grateful.

But now, people of the Christian faith have even more for which to be appreciative of Brit Hume.  And that is his outspoken recommendation that Tiger Woods seek redemption from his recently disclosed moral failures through faith in Jesus Christ.  Here’s a video of Hume’s recommendation and defense of it.  Good on you, Brit.

While Brit Hume is correct about Tiger’s only real hope, my take-away from his comments is that he makes it sound as if the “selection” of Christianity over Buddhism, is akin to choosing to join one “club” over another.  The initiation of any such relationship between Woods and Jesus Christ rests not with Woods, but with God, Himself.  John 6: 44 testifies to this when Jesus said “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”   This makes clear that we are not the initiators of a relationship with Jesus Christ, rather God the Father is the agent of any attraction to His son.  Furthermore, God alone is the agent of the salvation itself that comes by grace through faith.  (see Eph. 2: 8, 9) 

If we (and/or Tiger) were to take credit for decisions made to place our faith in Jesus Christ, it robs God of the glory that is rightfully His, alone.  Furthermore, it would understandably be a proud moment for us to make such a decision on our own.  And pride is perhaps our greatest sin and Tiger Woods is no less prideful than any of the rest of us.  Tiger Woods will not find redemption in Jesus Christ, as Brit Hume suggests, apart from God acting first, in drawing Woods to Himself.  And our prayer should perhaps be that the brokeness and loss that Woods is experiencing as a result of his moral failure being made public, is the means by which God drains Woods of his self-service (pride) and draws him to Himself.


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