Enough already…we have NOT started a new decade!!!

As was to be expected, with the calendar turning to the year 2010, many speak in terms of this year being the start a new decade.  My response…only if you operate in some parallel time continuum that uses a “base 9” number system.

Here’s the way to get back on track.  Perhaps this will be news to some of you who are determined to think outside of calendar dating and mathematical norms, but here goes.  There was NO year “0” A.D.!   The first year anno domini was “1”.  Don’t believe me?  Try to find any historical event dated “0” A.D.  And then get back to me on that.

With that numbering system established, the first year of the first decade of the first millennium A.D. was 1 A.D.  The end of the first decade of the first millennium was the last day of 10 A.D.  If  you are fortunate enough to have all 10 digits on your two hands, check me out on this.  Start with a single finger as if it were 1 A.D. and count the remaining digits.  When you get to the last finger (or thumb) you will be at 10 which you should think of as 10 A.D.  You have completed a decade.  In this case, the first decade of the first millennium A.D.

Continuing on, the first year of the second decade of the first millennium was 11 A.D.  The end of the second decade of the  first millennium was the last day of the year 20 A.D. 

There is not enough time or space to go through this entire process of counting fingers or toes to get us all the way to the present, but suffice it to say there has been no mutation of the base 10 numbering system over the last two thousand and nine years, so there is only one ACCURATE conclusion that can be reached.  The year 2010 is the LAST year of the first decade of the first century of the third millennium A.D.

For those who are anxious to start a new decade, you only have another 360 days to wait.  It will begin on January 1, 2011.


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