“Religious Iconography”?

Apparently that is the (non-exclusive) term used to describe body art that contains some ostensibly faith-based message.  I have written previously about the subject of body art and basically I come down on the side of it being an ill-advised practice.  But, that said, I concede that is it a purely individual decision.  And I will also agree that in the context of eternity, it (body art) really will have nothing to do with a person’s salvation, or condemnation.

Still, no matter where you land on this subject, I have to seriously wonder if this sort of thing has a place during the course of a worship service, when glorifying God through prayer, the authoritative proclamation of God’s word, and the practice of the two sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, is appropriate…even in a culturally relevant, contextualized setting. 

Body art, including some of its more extreme forms as a sermon topic? 
Yes.  Absolutely. 

Chancel tattooing during the teaching from God’s word?  
I think not. 

What say you?


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