Whose better? Colt or Jarrod. Add this to the discussion.

This morning, I read through some childish bantering between what was apparently a Texas Longhorn fan and a Texas Aggie fan.  The discussion was over which team possessed the better quarterback.  The site was facebook.  The discussion lead no where, basically.  The rivalry between these two schools is so intense, that objectivity was the victim in the conversation thread.

This article from SI.com from almost two months ago, adds some light, if for no other reason, it adds some statistical facts to the discussion as well as some off the field personal texture to Jarrod Johnson, who  is with out question lesser known to the general public than Colt McCoy, who has been on the national for two or three years.


4 Responses to Whose better? Colt or Jarrod. Add this to the discussion.

  1. Brandon says:

    I’ll cast my vote for Johnson. That guy is legit. What impresses me most is he’s not just an athlete — he knows the game. I keep wondering, “How did we get him to commit to A&M?”

  2. Chuck says:

    Good question Brandon. My guess, and only a guess, would be that perhaps his father having played for A&M was a factor.

  3. ross thomas says:

    Colt is better with out a doubt. With all other stats fairly equal, Colt has both a significantly higher completion % and many more wins under his belt.

    Also, he has been on the National, as you call it, for four years now. He had to follow Vince Young’s Natl Championship season as a true freshman. That is more impressive than just about any of the other stats.

  4. jrs11690 says:

    The fact that Colt has a higher completion rate is true, but when you consider all other factors that influence that rate, its no contest. Johnson is playing with one of the worst O-lines in college football while Colt has always enjoyed a solid one,Colt’s receivers are far more experienced, and the most impressive stat is the difference in the average yards that each QB is throwing down field Johnson’s is far higher than Colt’s making each pass harder to complete. Plus if you look at their stats in their game against each other, their stats are very close except Jarrod pulls this off against one of the “top defenses” in the nation, while Colt went against a defense that has more than 100 others rated better than it.
    All-in-all Colt is a solid (if over-rated) QB but Jarrod is far better, if he were playing in Colt’s place it would be an obvious no contest.

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