How’s that atheism working for ya’ now?

jon garth murrayThis LINK will take you to a rather long, but none the less interesting article about Madalyn Murray-O’Hair, the infamous atheist, who was successful in arguing for the removal of prayer from public schools.  I admit my interest in the article was in part because I had the dubious distinction of being in the same high school graduating class (Austin-McCallum, 1972) as her son Jon Garth Murray, shown in the picture to the left along with O’Hair’s granddaughter Robin.

The last time I saw Jon was over 27 years ago, at our 10th reunion.  I think to virtually everyone’s surprise, he attended.  And I have to say that a badge of graciousness needed to be awarded to the person who did the work to research where he was living so that an invitation could be extended. 

When I read this article, the question for these three that entered my head was “how’s that atheism working for ya’ now?”

HT: Challies A La Carte


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