I think this establishes a new low-water mark for integrity in college football.

Watch the following video.  It shows The University of Florida linebacker (and team captain) Brandon Spikes gouging the eyes of Washaun Ealey, a running back who plays for The University of Georgia, during the game last Saturday.

What has achieved a new low is not necessarily the actions of this player, although his conduct is despicable, but rather the fact that Brandon Spike’s head coach, Urban Meyer has suspended him for….catch this….the first half of the game upcoming on November 7th.  THE FIRST HALF!  What makes it even worse is that Meyer’s first reaction when he was told about the incident was to simply move on.  I’m kidding, right?   Nope, “move on” is what Meyer wanted to do until he saw a replay of the incident. 

Incredible.  I don’t even have to ponder who I have LESS respect for, Spikes or Meyer.  

Meyer wins hands down.


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