Surprising? Or not so much?

I acknowledge the inherent risks in being a man and posting a link to this article, as it might leave the impression that I do so out of some satisfaction from its conclusions.  As the husband of a wife, father of a daughter and hopefully someday the father-in-law to a daughter-in-law, that is not the case at all.  Instead, I found it contained some refreshingly honest criticisms of “feminism” from inside its camp by some of its members and spokespersons…(I used that word as I assume “spokeswomen” might be taken with offense in our age of gender neutrality, thanks in part to feminism.)

The link above is to an interesting article by Albert Mohler that reflects on several newspaper and magazine essays and a book about feminism.  On one hand, I am surprised by what has been revealed in these finding, and then again, I’m not.  Having worked for many years in the corporate world, with many women professionals, the downsides to the women’s revolution were played out right before my eyes. 

This whole matter can be filed in the “you need to be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it, and then some” category.


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