U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R, sorry…D-ME)

Olympia SnoweDisappointed?  Yes.  Surprised?  Not in the least.  The “honorable” senior (Republican in name only) senator from the State of Maine, has announced that she will vote (again) in alignment with the party that she does not caucus with, to pass the so-called Baucus Bill for health care reform.  

Apparently, the “distinguished” lady from Maine fell sway to the persuasion of President Barack Hussein Obama, who called her yesterday to convince her to vote (as usual) with her Democrat comrades, er, ah, colleagues.  Well done Senator.  That’s the way to put a thumb in the eye of the party that you claim to be a member of.

But at the end of the day, does ONE vote from a RINO really make it a bi-partisan bill?

UPDATE:  Senator Snowe now explains that she voted for the bill to “keep things moving.”  Huh?  The bill (with her vote) passed 14 to 9.  If my math is correct, the count WITHOUT her vote would have been 13 to 10.  I am thinking the bill MIGHT have passed and “kept moving” even without her lending her “bi-partisan support” to it.

PREDICTION:  The democrats will now talk about the bill receiving bi-partisan support (by virtue of Snowe’s ONE vote) and they’ll do so with a straight face.


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