Surprised and not surprised

On tonight’s (Monday night) episode of the Late Show, David Letterman, as expected, had a bit more to say about the revelations of his moral failure that he revealed last Thursday.  “Strange” is about the kindest thing I can say about it.

In usual Letterman style, he attempted to make light of the situation, making himself the punchline of his jokes, and object of his one-liners.  But in what came as a real surprise,…he framed the entire matter in the context of HIMSELF being the victim of a crime, specifically as the target of felonious extortion.  In a purely technical sense, he IS the victim of a crime, but frankly that is not the real storyline in this whole sordid “affair”, pardon the expression.

What also came as a surprise was an apology that he made to the current female employees of the Late Show, who had been hounded over the weekend by the media, and others, seeking to find out if any of them were among the ones who had been involved sexually with Letterman.  What was implicit in this apology and clarification is that the affairs were in the past and that none of the women currently employed by Letterman are among those that he had sexual contact with.  He apologized for leaving the matter unclear last week, and for subjecting his female staff to the intrusion over the weekend.  What he did NOT apologize for though was his shameful conduct with the female employees that had apparently worked at the Late Show before the current staff.

He also was very clear that his wife Regina Lasko has been deeply hurt by the revelations, and he admitted that he had a lot of work to do to patch up that relationship.

What came as no surprise whatsoever…Letterman did not take ANY personal responsibility for the root cause of this whole matter.  That said, I feel certain that this story is not over by a long shot.


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