Note to Hannity: Get some fresh material, and while you’re at it get real.

It is a fact that I probably align with Sean Hannity on most matters relating to politics, the economy and social issues.  That said, I have just about had my fill of listening to him on the radio or watching him on TV.  And I actually don’t do either very often.

Among the reasons why I have reached this point is because he rarely says anything new.  Whenever I listen to or watch him he is railing on the very same subjects that he did during the presidential primaries over a year ago.  And he incessantly brings up the same well worn arguments about why he dislikes and distrusts Barack Hussein Obama.  I honestly feel like if I do not listen to or watch Hannity for a couple of weeks and then catch one of this programs, that I will not have missed a single thing.  In so many ways, it is like the Bill Murray movie Ground Hog Day.

Now, like a dog with a bone, Hannity is absolutely obsessed with the fact that B.H.O. is going to Denmark to lobby for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games to be held in Chicago.  Apparently, Hannity would prefer that Obama stay at home and tend to, and I assume resolve, such matters as unemployment, finalizing a military strategy for Afghanistan and leading the process of crafting a health care reform compromise that the president rhetorically claims to want.  The reality is that Obama will be on this “mission” to Denmark for just a matter of hours.  But evidently Hannity feels like these few hours away from the Oval Office are sufficiently distracting so as to really put a dent in the president’s ability to manage the problems facing the country.  And this line of reasoning also presupposes that the president cannot be attending to these matters while travelling.  

Using reductio ad absurdum (reduction to the absurd) applied to Hannity’s contention, I suppose that we should be attempting to keep track of the hours that Obama sleeps, or grooms, or exercises, or eats, all with the expectation that he cut back on each of these, so as to devote more attention to “other pressing matters” as Hannity refers to them.  During his television show this evening, Hannity tried to get his guests to bite on this trip to Denmark, but even the conservative, a role played tonight by Dana Perino, former Press Secretary to President Bush, would not take the bait.  Good for her.


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