Former President Jimmy Carter, the man whose time in office people in his own party would like to forget, has surfaced again.  This time, he is making outrageous claims that even the White House has disavowed based on pure common sense, if not common decency.  You can listen to Carter’s absurd comments HERE (along with those of Brian Williams, who seems to think he got a great scoop with this interview, so good in fact that he aired at least this segment of the larger interview before its originally scheduled time).

The question I have for President Carter is this…if there is, as he insists some pervasive racist mindset in the country that holds that an African American is “not qualified to lead this great country”, how exactly did the current president get elected?

Does it make any sense whatsoever, that all of the “racists” in our country (who according to Carter now so numerous that they are jeopardizing the implementation of health care reform), would lay down their racist sentiments for the purpose of electing an African American to the presidency, and then take those sentiments up again when he begins to govern?  Nonsense!

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