Classy &…not so much

What a contrast in styles we have in these three headline-grabbing examples over this past weekend by our cultural icons in sports and entertainment.

First, on Saturday a profanity laced outburst takes place in a stadium holding thousands, during a live television broadcast, with an audience of perhaps millions.  Her tyrade and subsequent point loss, that lead to match loss, paved the way for the eventual winner of the Women’s Championship of the U.S. Open, and may well cost her a bundle of money in penalties and forfeiture of prize winnings.

Serena meltdown

Read more about it HERE.

And then on Sunday night there was this.  Maintaining his reputation for being outrageous in conduct and utterly mindless in comment, this knuckleheads’ ridiculous behavior got him literally thrown out theater where the awards were being presented and even has his fellow celebrities calling him a variety of unflattering names.

Kanye Taylor

Read about it HERE.

But then, there was this…

Beyonce Taylor

A gesture that was not at all required on her part, but demonstrating a graciousness that stands in stark contrast to the misdeeds of the other two.  Well done Beyonce!

Read about it HERE.


One Response to Classy &…not so much

  1. ross thomas says:

    Did you see Michael Jordan’s speech to celebrate his career at the Hall of Fame?

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