A voice of reason in the health care debate.

Readers of JT’s blog  are already aware the subject of this post.  But for those who are not familiar with that blog, here is a LINK to an article in the September issue of The Atlantic Online.  It is written by a man named David Goldhill, who identifies himself as a Democrat and a business executive.  It is a long article; over 10,000 words and it will take you some time to go through it.  However, this is the most powerful and informative thing that I have seen yet on the broad subject of health care in the United States, and its institutionalized problems, that are in fact in need of reform.  As the writer of the article notes though, virtually nothing that is being discussed by Congress now, comes even close to fixing the fundamental problems with our health care system.

This article stands so far and above all of the other highly partisan/politicized rhetoric, that I emphatically encourage you to read this thing carefully.  My linking to it is not to suggest that I agree with all of his recommendations.  But his is the first voice of reason that I have heard among all of the other conversations about this very hot topic. 

Stand up and stretch, grab a cup of coffee and dig in.  You will be amazed.  At least I was.


2 Responses to A voice of reason in the health care debate.

  1. ross thomas says:

    You know who David Goldhill is? He is the CEO of the Game Show Network.

    I have read that article…it is very good.

  2. Chuck says:

    I did not know who Goldhill is, and I had not made any attemt to search it out. Thanks for that info. If he is a network guy in NYC that goes a long way toward explaining why he is a democrat. He sure argues like a free-market guy though. We need LOTS more democrats like him in this country instead of the loons that mostly represent that party.

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