Even Norman might get a laugh out of this.

This painting was used as the artwork for the cover of the February 13, 1960 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.  The oil on canvas hangs in the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.   It is titled, for reasons that should be obvious, “Triple Self-Portrait.”

triple self portrait

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) is one of my favorite American artists.  Some might call him more of an illustrator than artist.  He drew and painted stuff.  That makes him an artist to me.  Not surprising, many contemporary art critics pan his work and diminish it for being overly sweet or too sentimental and idealized.  Nevertheless, I like his work because it really did capture a slice of American history and the values that we held as a nation when he was living.  We could use a dose of those values today.  Besides, a lot of his work captured life when I was a child, and frankly, I can relate to much of what is depicted in his paintings.

This spoof on Rockwell’s “Triple Self-Portrait” is simply hilarious.  No commentary is necessary.  Like real Norman Rockwell art, this one has a  message that speaks very clearly for itself.

obama self-portrait


HT:  Dan Phillips by way of Stan McCullars for the Obama spoof.

2 Responses to Even Norman might get a laugh out of this.

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