Relativism in Louisville: Where winning trumps moral failure.

No question about it, college basketball is big in the state of Kentucky.  The Universities of Kentucky and Louisville are both winners in the sport and that makes them big deals in their home state.  And apparently, winning in basketball is sufficient to cause administrators at Louisville to overlook a particular covenant in the contract they hold with their head basketball coach, Rick Pitino.  That covenant stating that Pitino can be terminated for: “Employee’s dishonesty with Employer or University; or acts of moral depravity.” (emphasis mine)

Pitino has admitted to having engaged in extramarital sexual relations with a woman (who later became an assistant coaches’ wife…talk about awkward), and paying her $3,000 to obtain an abortion of the child that the she claimed was his.  The matter has become national news as the woman involved in this situation tried to extort Pitino for $10 million dollars and is now under arrest.  Pitino had revealed the details of his extramarital relationship to the University of Louisville prior to the woman being arrested.  This fact, I suppose, allowed him to escape certain of the clauses of his employment contract dealing with honesty, that could otherwise have resulted in his dismissal.

But what is odd to me is the apparent relativism of the term “moral depravity.”  If the sexual betrayal of his wife, now a fact known far and wide, does not qualify as moral depravity, I am not sure what would.  Apparently Louisville has no plans to dismiss Pitino as a result of his breach of this clause.  Should we therefore conclude that only such things such as theft or embezzlement, or fraud, or other matters of that nature qualify as “moral depravity”? 

Or with respect to sexual morality, would only the more radical forms such as paedophilia, or homosexuality, or bestiality be extreme enough to qualify as “moral depravity” under the terms of Pitino’s contract?  I have to wonder exactly what would be the trigger mechanism to activate this clause in Pitino’s contract thus leading the university to terminate him. 

Oh, wait a minute, maybe “moral depravity” is only something related to losing basketball games.  Perhaps losing, and losing alone, is what constitutes immorality and depravity at the University of Louisville.  That is about the only conclusion you can draw from this whole “affair”, pardon the expression.


One Response to Relativism in Louisville: Where winning trumps moral failure.

  1. Brandon says:

    Brother, it is a terrible thing. All I can think about is Mrs. Pitino, publicly humiliated, feeling far from her husband.

    It kills me. I hope they have someone close to them who will tell them about redemption in Christ.

    The media and other Louisville big wigs act as though his “honest confession” atones for his actions. This just is not true. Jesus atones for sin, not our actions. I so hope I get to read a story in another year about how he says he depends upon God alone for forgiveness through the work of Christ. And how he is now leading his family in love for Christ and zeal for mission. And how he has reconciled with his wife and built a strong, Christ-centered marriage.

    I hope. And there is hope in Christ.

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